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Observations Of The Redskins Vs Browns Preseason Game

The defense came to play and showed that they are going to be an improved unit this season. Ryan Kerrigan collecting   his second sack of the game on Johnny  Manziel. Hopefully this is going to be a regular sight during the season.
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   Hail Redskins Nation its a Victory Tuesday even though its only preseason.  I wrote about what I was looking to see from the Redskins this week and I must say I still don't know how I feel bout what I saw, on offense anyway.  The defense looked stout against the Browns and didn't surrender a touchdown until the third defensive unit was on the field. The defense did have the upper hand by knowing the Kyle Shanahan's offense, playing against it for the last three seasons in every practice. Not to take anything away from their performance but they did what they should've done to a team learning a new offense. That they were probably more familiar with and new the calls better then the Browns. One of  the impressive things was the constant pressure from the defensive front. The team had five sacks and numerous QB hits and pressures throughout the game. The offense moved the ball at ease at times but this week unlike last week they made costly mistakes that cost them points. Mainly turnovers when they were about to get some kind of points on the board. Both teams were learning new offenses and it showed. The mistakes made by all the young QB's on both teams must be corrected. Since it's still preseason I'm gonna keep it informal and instead of breaking things down like it's a regular season game I'm just gonna give observations but will be doing my detailed breakdowns once the season starts.

-You can see when there was a clean pocket for Robert Griffin III to throw out of he was perfect in his mechanics, footwork and his progressions. You could see the learning process at work. Getting the ball out on time and hitting his reads one by one.

-You also could see when there was some pressure RGIII reverted back to his instincts that sometimes gets him in trouble. It's going to be hard for him to break the habit of wanting to make something happen with his legs but this is something new for him and will take time to learn. Hard to change who you've been for your whole life in a season and a half.

-Evan Royster showed he was back healthy and will have something to say about which running backs will be looking for work elsewhere at the end of the month. He looked faster and more decisive as a runner even as a pass catcher.

The power running game left more to be desired against a
stout Cleveland browns defense.
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                                                                            - The offensive line lacked the push it had a week ago. It was apparent on the goal line stand in the second quarter. Jay Gruden said it best. The line that gets the lowest will win and the Browns got lower on those three straight running plays and won on that drive.

-Chris Chester looked like his age is starting to catch up with him after a subpar 2013. He occasionally got blown up, whiffed on a block or just got plain outworked. The thing that concerns me is that one of the younger guys hasn't been able to unseat him from the starters role.              

- I know the referees are trying to get the point across about illegal contact and some of the new rule changes but it was ridiculous how many flags were thrown.21 penalties combined is not a good thing. The to false start penalties on Robert had me scratching my head. He's screaming his calls how is he supposed to remain perfectly still while screaming at the top of his lungs.

- Having the whole starting offense on the field for the first time this preseason gave us a glimpse of how dynamic and diverse this offense can be baring turnovers. Andre Roberts caught a deep ball down the seam. Pierre catching bubble screens and getting first downs by bowling over defenders. DeSean Jackson's speed and shiftiness on the sideline route where he shook two would be defenders to get out of bounds with them grasping at air.

- Special teams unit looked like it progressed from last week. Better angles taken, no miss tackles, only one big return on a kickoff and swarming to the ball everytime. The undrafted Rashard Ross made a strong case at returner and wide receiver with a long 42 yard kickoff return and 43 yard reception from Colt McCoy.

- Both punters got one punt a piece. With the team not really being put in punting situations this competition is one that hasn't truly developed yet. Hopefully on sat against the Ravens we may get to see more then one punt from each. I mean punting is better then turning the ball over and giving up field position.

Ryan Grant has a knack for getting open and getting down
to avoid defenders and unnecessary contact.
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-Ryan Grant is making a strong push to make this roster and maybe even seeing some playing time this upcoming season. Everyone talked about his lack of speed and strength but whatever he has it getting him open. Leonard Hankerson's job security might be in jeopardy.

- Bacarri Rambo has shown improvement and made a big play causing a fumble but on that fumble he showed what got him in trouble last season. Not wrapping up and going for the big hit. this time it worked in his favor and maybe he did it because he had teammate around that could tackle him if he missed. All I know is he's played better and will be watching next week to see if his improvement continues.
His first succesful slide came on his third attempt at
sliding. The first two were not pretty.
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- All the talk of Robert not learning how to slide and protect himself. It's a process. He's been used to outrunning everyone and never had to learn to slide. So it's gonna be harder for him to change the physical and mental aspect of protecting himself. I think he will get it eventually just hopefully it won't be because of another injury which I don't think it will.

- Bashaund Breeland looks like the truth. After his unfortunate run in with the law this week it seems that it was a wake up call. He knew he needed to have a good game and he did that. Five tackles (3) solo, two passes defended and a fumble recovery. He's physical and likes to hit. He put several good hits on Browns players and they all got up a little slow as he popped up looking for more.

- Santana Moss showed he still has speed and the knack for making plays. With a nice catch and run on a screen on a 3rd and 19. He picked up 24 yards for the first down.

-Lache Seastrunk once again lead the team in rushing and showed some toughness running between the tackles. He almost broke one that he bounced outside but the defender got a fingertip on him to trip him up. If not it would've been a touchdown.

- Zach Hocker didn't get a chance to attempt a field goal but the depth of his kickoffs are apparent. The constant sentiment that I keep hearing is that you can hear the difference from when he kicks off and when Kai kicks off. It's described as a loud thud.

 The penalties and turnovers has to be remedied. In the regular season against a better offensive opponent those four turnover would typically been at least 14 points. This is one of the major contributing factors to last years 3-13 record. 34 turnovers last season more then double the amount from the 2012 season when the team only committed 14 turnovers total to set a team record. it's only the second preseason game and the team is learning a new playbook but not turning the ball over is universal no matter what playbook you have. It shows so far that the more physical training camp has helped the teams tackling. On Saturday the Redskins play the Ravens in the critical third game of preseason. This is where the teams usually play the starter for three quarters. Hopefully in practice this week the work on not throwing interceptions since all three quarterbacks did against Cleveland.

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Dale Earnhardt was in the booth during the Redskins Radio Broadcast for
Monday Night Football. I would love to be in the booth with Sonny Jurgeson,
Larry Micheal, and Chris Cooley
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