Monday, August 4, 2014

Quick Game Recap: Bills/Giants HOF Game '14

(What's that smell? Could it be the Giant's upcoming season that stinks?)
Some really quick thoughts on the Giants victory over the Bills in the first pre-season game of 2014. Who really cares about final score and play by's stupid pre-season. So here's some quick takes from my brief observations of the game.

- Take everything here with a huge grain of salt. Both teams went very vanilla and we really didn't see much beyond individual matchups.

- The Giants have stated (and NBC's Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth emphasized it over and over again) that they'd like to have Eli Manning throw near 70% this year. Based on the offensive line play in this game, he may do that via dump offs to his running backs. Eli had no time to throw through three series. He even was sacked/fumbled that led to the Bills first score of the game. It's early and this O-line is entirely new, so I expect it to be better. But they were manhandled by the Bills 1st team D-line and didn't have much success until the Bills benched their starters.

- Eli overall looked less tentative than he did in 2013, so you have to wonder if 2013 was a fluke. Again, we'll learn more as the season progresses.

- I like Rashad Jennings as a 3rd down or #2 RB. Good pass catcher and has a nice burst of speed. But I wonder if he can go a full season as a starter? The Giants have to be happy that Andre Williams had a good game. Could he be the unknown running back to excel in 2014 like a Alfred Morris did in 2012?

- Giants secondary looks a bit better than they have in previous years. They'll need to be since the Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys will be throwing a lot this season.

- Jason Pierre-Paul was dominated by rookie Seantrel Henderson. Again, take this with a grain of salt, but I don't know if this was more a good game by a questionable rookie with off-field issues or a poor performance by a veteran who's expected to be the next Michael Strahan or Justin Tuck.

This game became so boring to me by the third quarter, that I decided to switch channels and watch something else.

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