Monday, August 25, 2014

Thoughts & Observations Of The Redskins Vs Ravens Preseason Game

We all know the game is won in the trenches of the offensive line and defensive line. Unfortunately the Ravens               D-line outworked and played with more intensity then the Redskins O -line and it showed Saturday night.

 Hail Redskins Nation!!!!! It's been a trying couple of days since that ineffective, lackluster and disappointing showing against the Baltimore Ravens. The starting offensive line was very good in run blocking as usual but once again the pass protection was horrid at times during that first half. I understand it was a preseason game but they should have more cohesion and chemistry by now and I didn't see that. Robert Griffin III looked rushed, uncertain, and made some more bad decisions. It's amazing how a lot of media and even a Redskins former quarterback Joe Theismann has chimed in saying the Kirk Cousins should be the starting QB going into week 1. I addressed some of these issues in my last post and don't really wanna go into it again even tho it's all that's been talked about these last few days. But since Mr. Theismann decided to stir the pot by saying that in his opinion Kirk Cousins should be starting based on his performance through preseason so far. Which in my opinion is laughable but since I'm not as seasoned or as knowledgeable as him I will defer to Rich Tandler. His basic answer was how could Kirk Cousin's win a competition if there wasn't one.  I believe Mr.Tandler said it better then I could. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it was all bad but there was more bad then good. The good to me was the defensive and special teams units. With Jason Hatcher getting his first start in preseason the defense looked more stout then in the previous games. Hatcher recorded his first sack of the preseason on Joe Flacco in the first quarter. The work ethic and strength on that play is what the Redskins was hoping to see and hoping to get during the season. Now let's get to my observations.

The running game looked very effective. Alfred Morris and
Roy Helu Jr. both gashed the defense.

- Offensive line run blocking was impressive at times. Opening up big holes for which ever running back was in the game.

- The pass protection was terrible at times. Chris Chester looked a little slow and was getting pushed back a yard or so seemed like every pass play.

- Santana Moss showing once again that if anyone can challenge Father Time it is him. He still looks fast, quick , and elusive. Kirk threw a nice pass that allowed Santana to keep moving towards the end zone for the touchdown.

- The defensive line looked stout especially with the addition of free agent Jason Hatcher. He recorded his first sack as a Redskin in the first quarter by being relentless.The secondary with solid coverage on the play.

- Jarvis Jenkins looked like he understands he has get more pressure on the quarterback. He had some good pressures and got a QB hit which is always good.

- Ryan Grant is looking like he is going to be a good wide receiver for years to come. I've said it before he's not the fastest or the quickest but he can run routes and knows how to get separation.

- Bashaud Breeland looks like the real deal. Making plays, hitting hard and making his presence felt on defense and special teams. A future cornerback tandem of David Amerson and Bashaud Breeland will be very physical and long duo.

-Kirk Cousins making quick and decisive decisions and hitting receivers in stride all be it against 2nd and 3rd team players. He still occasionally  forces some bad throws and locks on a receiver but you can see the steady improvement.

- Kai Forbath lack of leg strength on kickoffs was the cause of another long return. Not getting enough hang time or distance on his kickoffs once again.

-Phillip Thomas looks healthy, fast, and aggressive. He had no hesitation with sticking his nose in the action and saw no ill effects of the contact. Unfortunately he had to have a MRI on his foot after feeling pain in the same foot that he had the injury last season. This may force Bacarri Rambo into the starting lineup week 1.

Constant pressure will be key to the defenses success in 2014.
- The special teams unit improved again after another week of practice. They gave up one big kickoff return but Andre Roberts had some nice punt returns and looks to be solidifying his punt returner duties for the season.

-Keenan Robinson has earned the starting "Mike" Linebacker beside Perry Riley Jr. He's made the right calls, been in the right place at the right time and has remained healthy.

 One more preseason game to go versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday. I would like to see the starters get at least a quarter of work even tho that's most likely not going to happen. I'm not panicked about the starting offense but there should be some concern. The Ravens had faced Jay Gruden's offense the last three season twice a year. They played physical and dominant at times but that comes from having a familiarity with the offense just like last week versus Cleveland. The Redskins knew Kyle Shanahan's offense and the defense showed it last week and Baltimore showed it this week. The defense looked aggressive and strong but with the suspension to Brandon Meriweather and not a true back up set. Hopefully that doesn't upset the chemistry of the unit.
Keenan Robinson making a fourth and 1 stop short of the
first down in the first quarter.

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