Monday, August 4, 2014

Why Are Joint Practices With The Patriots a Good Idea?

How much can the Washington Redskins learn from the perennial Super Bowl Contenders? Practice habits, technique, drills? I don't know exactly how miuch but I know it wont hurt the development of our younger players and coaches.
  Hail Redskins Nation!!!! Another week into training camp and another day closer until the first preseason game versus the New England Patriots. The unique thing about this week is that it will be joint practices with those same Patriots. This is something revisited by the Redskins a few years ago with the Baltimore Ravens when training camp was held in Ashburn,Va. This time is unique because of the fact that the team is at an away training facility like the days of Joe Gibbs. The team went away to Carlisle, Pa for training camp and they hosted practices and scrimmages with the Pittsburgh Steelers during Joe Gibbs first tenure as head coach. Being able to practice with the Patriots and learn from one of the elite franchises in the NFL, is going to benefit many on the team from this experience. From the franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III to the head coach Jay Gruden. Both the head coach and the young QB said this week that they will be picking the brains of their respective counterparts. I believe this will be a great experience for both and the entire team. When you have the chance to practice with NFL greats such as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick you have to take advantage. My list goes as follows.

Robert Griffin III having a laugh with Tom Brady
during joint practices on Mon.
Via @RedskinsRVA

   Quarterback: The fact the Tom Brady is a three time Super Bowl champion, two time Super Bowl MVP and future Hall of Famer should be all the reasons you need. We all know about his accomplishments but the biggest help he can give RGIII is the way he commands his team and is always trying to be better. The more that the young qb can learn and absorb from Tom Brady the better it will make him as a quarterback. Robert is striving to be a great quarterback in this league. These joint practices are very important on many levels for Griffin. This is his first full off season where he can work on hie mechanics, foot work, getting better at reading defenses and hitting his check downs faster. Any type of practice habits or techniques he can pick up from Tom Brady will be a bonus.
Just the fact that the team get to practice against another team is a relief for them after a couple of camp schuffles after hitting each other for a little over two weeks now.
  The 53 man roster: I know it's still 90 men on the roster and all the men on the field will benefit but I know you get my point. Just being around and practicing against a great organization ultimately will help a franchise trying to find its identity and return to the glory days of old. Seeing how the Patriots practice, what type of drills they may do that are different from their own, and the added competition of  different opponent to practice against. I believe you can't get better by doing the same things over and over again. I loved the fact that coach Gruden had live full padded practices during the first weeks of camp. With these changes to training camp I believe are a good sign for this team going forward.

First time NFL head coach Jay Gruden can also learn
a thing or two from one of my favorite coaches Bill Belichick

Coaching: With this being Jay Gruden's first time being a head coach in the NFL he knows he still has a lot to learn. Being able to see how Belichick runs his practices and handles his staff and players will aid in Gruden's maturation as a head coach. Figuring out the balance between delegating to his assistant coaches or being more hands on, how does he prepare his team for game day,how does he treat and handle his players and other things of that nature. These are just a few things that goes into being a head coach and that's not even including game plans for every game, playing time for players and the other field related business. Being a NFL head coach is a hard job and anything Gruden can learn from Belichick will help him become a better coach and possible Super Bowl winning coach. Seems to me so far that Jay Gruden is a even keeled guy that has a plan and will try to execute it and make this team a winner again.

Better evaluation of the team:  After a few weeks of training camp the players get familiar with each others strengths and weaknesses. When that happens it doesn't really help the coaches evaluate the talent because each player starts to know what to expect from his fellow team mate. By bringing another team with different players with different strengths and weaknesses it will help better evaluate the talent of the team and individual players. Remember last season how good certain players looked during practice and training camp but when the lights came on it just didn't happen. I feel that with the Patriots coming to Richmond this will help this coaching staff better evaluate these players and find the best 53 to fill this roster and make a run to the playoffs.

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