Monday, September 22, 2014

Week Three: Thoughts and Observations of the Redskins Vs Eagles

After a big hit by Chris Baker (legal in my opinion) to Nick Foles started a pushing match that after all was said and done cost the Redskins their stout nose tackle that was controlling the line of scrimmage.
   Hail Redskins Nation!!!! That was a crazy division matchup with the Eagles that had a little bit of everything. A lot  of was not good and I'm not just talking about the play on the field. Now I'm not one to blame the referees for wins and losses. But when the calls are never consistent and it effects the down and distance in crucial situations of the game that determine the outcome of games, it's becoming a problem. Now to get to the on the field issues. Even though the Redskins had a dominate lead on the stat sheet they were still trailing by one at halftime. This is a direct result of getting field goals instead of touchdowns. The Redskins put up  511 yards of total offense but 427 of that was through the air. That is not the way to beat the Eagles with their fast paced offense. The defense didn't register a sack but they constantly got pressure and were able to keep LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles pretty much in check. Along with that they did hit Nick Foles plenty even one of them deemed illegal which resulted in the ejection of Chris Baker. I didn't agree with the call first of all. It's a live play on a thought to be interception where every man is a live player. If you look at the replay you see Foles rolling towards
Bashaun Breeland recording his 1st forced fumble of his NFL
career and almost got his 1st int but couldn't hold on.
 Bashaud Breeland who was returning the int and he got hit/blocked. Now Baker didn't hit him in the head or neck area and he was moving towards the action so he should be able to get hit like anyone else. I know the rule changed in regard to hitting the quarterback in situations like these but in that case you need to instruct the quarterbacks to go away from the action so they wont get blindsided. Now to the special teams.... once again two plays cost Washington this game.The 102 yard kickoff return hurt, for one because it was after a great opening drive that resulted in points and ate up six minutes off the clock. After re-watching the play Trenton Robinson blew his assignment by leaving his lane and there was a miss tackle by Brandon Meriweather that would've stopped him with a 30 yard gain. Adam Heyward got caught up in the wash or he would've had a clean shot at the returner also. The second mishap was when Kai Forbath missed a 33 yard field goal that would've gave the Redskins the lead in the fourth quarter. I already see the blame game going on in #RedskinsNation. As I stated last week we win as a team and lose as a team.Ultimately it came down to plays not being made by the Redskins when they presented themselves and the Eagles made the plays when they were there to be made. News just in on DeAngelo Hall. He suffered a torn achilles and he's done for the season. Now lets get to my observations:


Now don't get me wrong I love that Kirk Cousins had a career day but the fact  remains that the Colts had 169 yards rushing last week against the Eagles. Alfred Morris should have been getting fed the ball. 48 passes to 28 rushes is not a formula for success. I hope Jay learns to get back to balance like he had in Cincinnati. Granted Alfred wasn't getting his normal chunks of yardage but he was wearing the defense down in the first half. The team had 65 yards at half and only ended up with 84 for the whole game.

For the first time in a long time (I have to look it up) the O-line didn't give up a sack. Kirk cousins did have a lot to do with that by getting the ball out quick and on time for most of the day. That has to be a big boost for Josh Leribus confidence since he played almost a whole half. Shawn Lavauo went out with knee swelling and instead of hurting himself more or the team he allowed the next man up to do the job. For the most part the third year guard performed pretty well.


The receivers played well and were getting open for the most part. They did however leave a lot more yards and plays out on the field on Sunday. Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson both had over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown but there was even more to get. They were a couple of miss-communications between the QB and the WRs,  a few missed opportunities on third downs in the second half (first half 7 for 8 2nd half 1 for 9) and some drops at the wrong times. But with this being Kirk's first start and getting a chance to work with the starters you can't be too upset. Here's the final thing I'm going to say about the so called "quarterback controversy". Kirk Cousins is where we want Robert Griffin III to be. Quick reads, getting the ball out on time and keeping the offense on schedule. The only thing about Kirk is his arm strength and that was apparent of his first attempt to go deep to DeSean. He had to put everything into it and throw it a little early so he wouldn't underthrow DeSean but by doing that he telegraphs where he's going. If you have a cornerback that likes to watch the Qb that could be a turnover. Kirk is a solid young quarterback that will be a starter in this league but just in more of a west coast based offense where your not asked to throw downfield as often.

Kirk Cousins played a hell of a game. With only a few mistakes he excelled in this game by setting career records for yards, completions, and I believe passer rating. He did have one costly turnover, which looked to be a mix up with him and his receiver. It was costly but every turnover is. Kirk showed his maturity and poise in the pocket by getting rid of the ball, trusting his receivers on plays where he had to throw to a spot and not to the receiver and avoiding negative plays for the most part. This team is in good hands until RGIII gets back under center. Kirk's stock is definitely rising which is a good thing for the Redskins.


The defense played lights out but just not good enough to make a huge impact on the final outcome of the game. This top five unit showed the league that they are much improved from last season. They shut down the 1-2 combo of LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles and made sure whenever they got the ball they paid for it. They kept constant pressure of Nick Foles and hit him a bunch. Foles did continue to get up from the beating and continued making throws when needed. With being able to shut down the elusive running backs unfortunately that had a effect on the backend. Jeremy Macklin and rookie Jordan Matthews took advantage of the focus they had on the running backs and hurt the Redskins big time. With over 200 yards and three touchdowns between them you really can't feel good with DeAngelo Hall out for the rest of the season. SN: Chase Minnifield has been signed to active roster. I feel this could've been avoided by pulling Brandon Meriweather like he did Bacarri Rambo the previous week. This was a bad game for him to make his season debut. I believe that played a role is his poor coverage against this fast paced offense, he wasn't in football shape since being out the first two weeks of the season. On Jordan Matthews 2nd TD he gave him a clean release at the line and it was just pitch and catch. I saw him do this on several occasions and everytime his man caught the ball. The defense made a statement and now it's time for them to turn the corner from a good defense to a dominate defense.

Now to the special teams.... Last week they played great with no mistakes or mix ups but that can not be said about this week. I've already broke down what pretty much happened on the kickoff but in my opinion the missed FG had a bigger impact. What people have to realize is that the unit is getting better but as they're getting better there will be some good days and some bad. To me this game wasn't a bad game by no stretch. The kickoff return was blocked well and a bad decision by a player resulted in a TD and that shows why every player is important on this team. Now I'm not quite ready to kick Kai to the curb but a 33 yard field goal should be a chip shot. He has two strikes in my book. The blocked extra point that he kicked too low that J.J. Watt was able to block. Three strikes your out in my book (baseball reference #LetsGoNats).  I bet Ted Hocker's number is on speed dial on Coach Kotwica's cell phone.

Big game on Thursday. A division game, on a short week and with injuries mounting this turned into a sure victory into a possible nail biter. Thanks for all your support #RedskinsNation I truly appreciate all of your feedback and enjoy interacting with fans from all over. If you haven't already be sure to follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio and my good friend and fellow blogger @IIWISkinsBlog. Can also find me on Facebook under PorterIII. Be sure to go like our Facebook page for It Is What It Is. As always #HTTR4LIFE #BeatDaGiants


michael costa said...

Great read as Always but I must disagree on the point that this is a West Coast Offense. It is Also a Perfect fit for Kirk to run. I know Kirk doesn't have the strongest arm.
Also He had 1 Week to take reps as the starting Qb, he did Phenomenal I thought. In Years past we would've got Destroyed in that game. My biggest concerns are what happened to kirk on the final drive.
He looked like a completely different guy.
St's killed us again. 102yd KO TD & the Missed 33yd FG. I knew that'd come back to bite us & it did. We should've been driving for the win & not to tie on final drive.
I could go on & on but for now I'll leave you with this.
Our Secondary is in trouble, ST's is still killing us & we play on Thursday. I sure hope we don't Implode on National TV.
Your right..... let's #BeatTheGiants

@TattooedScorpio said...

thx my friend appreciate it. im saying our offense isnt west coast but he could thrive in a west coast. say if he goes to KC he would b legit becuase the dont push the ball down the field vertically they dink n dunk n get alot of YAC from their receivers. i dont see the secondary as most do. u have to take into account the job the front 7 did on containing the 1-2 combo and since we still have to upgrade our d in the form of a playmaker then unfortunately ur gonna give up something. special teams is a steady progress u dont go worst to first. last wk they had a almost perfect game. i hope we dont either but giants are the giants of old and hopefully we #BeatDaGiants. thx for reading

Kwakou Muata said...

Great piece, Cuz. I would like to know what you think about that pass interference on Keenan Robinson on Philly ' s last touchdown drive. That was on 3rd & 8. We hold there & I think we win the game. I feel it was a bad call. I know he didn't turn around, but he didn't make contact either. What do you think?

@TattooedScorpio said...

Agreed cuz. Shouldve been a no call. The TE was falling as the ball was getting there. The inconsistent calls r ridiculous. Like on the pass interference call on Crawford and Biggers were for hand fighting but in the 1st qtr the same thing happened with D Jax n it was a no call. Sad

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