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Week Two: Thoughts And Observations After The Redskins Vs Jaguars Game

The Redskins defense came to play and make a statement and they did. 10 points given up, 10 sacks and a dominating performance throughout the whole game. Congrats to Ryan Kerrigan on a career day and franchise record tying four sacks.
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   Hail Redskins Nation!!!! It was a Victory Monday and since I've been busy I guess we'll extend it to Victory Tuesday. I find myself  conflicted about this victory with all the quarterback controversy talk and our injured franchise QB. I love that Kirk Cousins played well and led the team to a victory but the divide it has caused in Redskins Nation is troubling to this life long fan. We should all be talking about how good the team looked as a whole not about who's better under center. The team is bigger than one player or position. A win is a team win a loss is a team loss and that should be where it ends. You all know I'm a big RGIII fan but I am not a Kirk Cousins hater. I'm happy we have a capable above average back up quarterback that can come in when needed and is ready to lead the team to victory. The offense looked great from the start of the game with Robert Griffin III playing and when Kirk had to come in to take over he didn't miss a beat and showed how the offense is supposed to run. From the start the defense had it set in their minds they they were gonna dominate and that they did. The outstanding effort from the whole defense for the entire game was evident.  Tying the franchise record with the 10 sacks, giving up only 10 points and with only two blown assignments but only one the did damage (Bacarri Rambo) basically shut down the Jacksonville offense from the start of the game. The special teams even had an outstanding day. No mistakes, great coverage, hard hitting and superb returns by Andre Roberts. The punter Tres Way has impressed me with his mile high booming punts but the fact that he kicked off for most of the game and did a decent job is a bonus. Now for the quarterback situation I'm taking the high road because the debate is gonna be as decisive as the race, religion or any political square off. All I will say is I hope everyone understands the whole picture and not just on the field view even tho that's all that we feel really matters. I will elaborate more in a future post about the current situation with the quarterbacks and the franchise. Now lets get to my thoughts and observations.

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From the first offensive snap it seemed like this would be the Redskins day. Lining up in the pistol RGIII took the zone read play and hit the edge when the DE crashed down the line and got a 12 yard gain for a first down. In the short time he was in the game he looked like the RGIII of old.  The deep ball to DeSean Jackson that was ruled incomplete (incorrectly) was a nice throw but he could have led him a little more (has the arm strength but still learning D Jax speed). You can see they were starting to build in game chemistry.

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 I'm gonna say it now. I believe Alfred Morris can lead the league in rushing this season. His vision is remarkable, his ability to stop on a dime and cutback, the power that he runs with and his improved open field moves are just a few things that I see. He's not that 80 yard take it to the house type back but he can do everything else you need your starting running back to do. Once he improves his hands he will become unstoppable in my opinion.

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I said when we signed Andre Roberts would be a quality addition that would pay off and it has especially on special teams. With DeSean Jackson going down early in the game Andre got his chance to shine and that he did. He did everything from running reverses, catching almost everything thrown his way, 37 yard punt return that he was one block from taking it to the house. His ability to play inside and outside helped the offense not skip a beat when D Jax went down. His special teams in both games has been very impressive. He makes great decisions and does not hesitate or do alot of dancing around when it's time to go. Once a weakness out WR corp is now deep as ever with talent and quality depth.

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Now we all know the saying "next man up has to be ready whenever his number is called" well Kirk Cousins knows it and lives by it. He came in after the injury to RGIII and didn't miss a beat. First pass of the game for him he looked off the safety and waited patiently for Pierre Garcon's route to develop and then hit Darrel Young for a wide open 20 yard TD. Kirk was in a rhythm for the most part hitting targets in stride, throwing receivers open, knowing where to go with the ball and most importantly didn't turn the ball over. Now the true test will be this Sunday against Philadelphia where they will have a whole week to gameplan for him. Some of those intermediate wide open targets may not be there and you better believe they will be bringing pressure up the A and B gaps (between the guards and center).

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Everyone from fans, media, and some even at Redskins Park reportedly wondered why Jay Gruden would keep Jim Haslett on the staff after such a horrible 2013 defensively. Well I know it's only two games but the numbers and performances of the defense so far speak for themselves. The franchise record tying 10 sack game was what I dream of but didn't think I'd see it this soon. It looked as everyone on the defense was ready to play and do whatever it took to win this game. I've been a Haslett supporter since he's been here and it's good to see a standout performance from this improving unit.

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The front seven got very good push, penetration, stayed home, wrecked havoc and kept the Jaguars offense in check all afternoon. It would make this article entirely too long if I highlighted every standout player on defense so I'll try to keep it brief. The standout performance of course was Ryan Kerrigan with his career and franchise record tying four sacks. He shares that record with his fellow OLB Brian Orakpo. I wonder if teams are gonna start sliding protection to Kerrigan like they do Orakpo. Problem is you can't slide protections both ways so now its pick your poison.  Jason Hatcher so far is showing that age is just a number and the number is 2.5 sacks in two games. He is a menace to block with his quick hands and strength. If he continues to play like this he will truly be one of the best pick ups of the offseason. Chris Baker  shows why he feels that his natural position is nose tackle. With three tackles and constant push up the middle and occupying of multiple blockers which makes life much easier for the linebackers flowing to the ball. Everyone was concerned about the defense at the outset of the season but it seems that finally with improved personnel and being in the same system for four years now is starting to come together. Not to mention with Brandon Meriweather coming back this week from suspension the defense has the potential to be even better going into Philadelphia this week. With the release of Rambo I believe the team can't deal with his constant taking of bad angles and missed tackles.

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 I do wanna spotlight 2nd year CB David Amerson. Just watching him in coverage, the run game and his reading of receiver and routes and I truly believe this kid is gonna be a stud at corner for the Redskins for years to come. Bashuad Breeland almost got his first int and pick 6 on the same play in the second half. If he continues to develop and fine tune his craft the Redskins could have a formidable duo on the outside for years to come.

Home opener at FedEx Field
   I haven't been to a home opener in a few years. It felt great to be back in FedEx for such a dominate game and a victory. I love being surrounded by #RedskinsNation cheering and celebrating our team playing well for a whole 60 mins. Thanks Fedex Al for the great seats.  Thanks for reading and sharing. Feel free to like It Is What It Is page on Facebook and subscribe to the blog. Just enter your email address and you will receive a email whenever we have a new post. Thanks for your great continued support. As always #HTTR and #InRG3AndKirkITrust


michael costa said...

Great Read, I honestly believe with Kirk our offense is gonna thrive. We have way to many WR & TE options, as well as one of the Best RB's in the League.
The Jacksonville Game was the beginning of a Great Offensive & Defensive Team that will make the Playoffs This Year!

@TattooedScorpio said...

Thx greatly appreciated. We have a tough run coming up and it will tell what this team is gonna be. I'm taking the wait n see approach. #HTTR

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