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Week Five: Thoughts and Observations After The Redskins Vs Seahawks Game

Russell Wilson showed again why he is a defending Super Bowl winning quarterback. By not making mistakes, protecting the ball, and great decision making with the ball. Both the Redskins quarterbacks hopefully were taking notes on how to play the quarterback position.
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Hail Redskins Nation!!! I know plenty of fans are upset with the latest loss in primetime but there is reason to be optimistic in my opinion. After the embarrassing, turnover riddled loss to the Giants last week this team played a full 60 mins as a unit. None of the units were outstanding but none were as bad as last week either. The team is still inconsistent in some aspects but they are also showing signs of improvement. With Seattle having two weeks to prepare for the Redskins they were able to exploit some of the weaknesses the Redskins have. One thing I noticed in the first half that got exposed was the fact that the OLB's crash down the line hard on run plays and don't hold the edge. That was evident as Russell Wilson ran for 86 yards in the first half, mostly out of the zone read formation. Wilson did tie a record with running for 122 yards but only gained 36 more yards after the defense adjusted in the second half.    

  Unfortunately the defending champs offense was able to adapt and eventually find a way to extend and keep the lead in this game. The deciding factor in this game for me was the special teams play. The Seahawks constantly pinned the Redskins deep in their own territory with booming punts, great coverage and the ability to flip the field position when needed. The play fake on the FG attempt was perfectly timed and executed. That play was the key to the win. If you look at Seattle they are the prototype for successful team in my eyes. Don't get me wrong I don't like them but I do respect their team, coaches, and approach to building their team for success. All three units of the Seahawks dominate when needed and rarely make mistakes to hurt any other unit on the team. The one weakness they have with their physical in your face type of play is sometimes they make mental mistakes. With 13 penalties for 90 yards and a majority of them on pre-snap penalties that negated three touchdowns in the game. I believe if the Redskins had all hands on deck last night including Robert Griffin III this game may have turned out differently. But injuries are a part of the NFL and next man up isn't just a catch phrase. Not saying Kirk did anything to lose the game but RG III's mobility could've help neutralize Seattle's aggressive pass rush and opened up more running lanes for Alfred Morris. Now let's get to breaking down this game:

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The offensive line was under constant pressure with Seattle's excellent defense that cycle in pass rushers like nothing I've seen. Seattle has a big, powerful D line and they constantly over powered the O-line. By moving their players on the line all over they were able to create mismatches. The O line could barely open up running lanes, and gave up a lot of pressure on Cousins but only got to sack him once. Morgan Moses got some time at RT with Polumbus injuring his hand, and lets just say Moses still looks like he needs work if he's gonna take over the starting job. Overall they could've played better but they could've played worse against such stout competition. Next week against Arizona will give a better determination of where this unit is headed.

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The receiving core as a whole didn't really shine but what did you expect with the Legion of Boom out there. The one thing size can't stop is speed and DeSean Jackson proved that during this game. With five catches for 157 yards and a touchdown, he showed what can happen if the line gives Kirk time with that aggressive defense. Most of the underneath routes were covered up by Seattle's big and fast defense. It was some plays, yards and points left on the field throughout the game. Since Kirk is most likely getting comfortable with the starters it's understandable why it's still a working progress. This team needs Jordan Reed back to help take some of the zone coverage off of the middle of the field. He was a game time decision and was seen running almost full speed during practice towards the end of the week. He is another weapon this team is missing, but the question remains. Can he stay healthy? With Reed and RG III hopefully retruning soon , it can be the spark this offense and team needs.

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Kirk had a good comeback game after the worst game in his short career as a starter. He did force a few balls into coverage and was out of sync in the first half due to pressure. He also made some excellent throws and decisions including the 60 yard TD to DeSean Jackson. He did exactly what he was supposed to do on that play. Stepping up in the pocket, feeling the pressure, not locking on a target and leading the receiver so he can run after the catch. Even with Kirk not having his running game he distributed the ball to seven different receivers and looked like he knew where the ball was supposed to go. I like the way he stepped up and had a good game following a bad one. He still has more to learn but definitely showed that he is learning.

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Now to the running game and the stout Alfred Morris. I know and understand that Seattle has the best run defense in the league giving up only 2.8 yards a carry but only running the ball only 17 times is not gonna get it. You at least have to keep attacking the defense by making them tackle the workhorse. They were in the game most of the game and was no need to abandon the run. Coach Gruden even said to the sideline reporter at half he has to get Morris the ball more but yet in still I didn't see that happen for the most part. Roy Helu Jr.showed some of his elusive running style while catching passes out of the backfield. The team still are missing that home run threat that teams have to account for every time they are on the field. Hopefully Chris Thompson will be healthy soon and can earn a promotion to the starting lineup. Point blank if this team doesn't run the ball more they will not win games because the running game is the strong point of this team.

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 This defense had a tough test with the Seahawks mixed bag of tricks on offense. From zone read, bootlegs, trick plays, and the fact that don't turn the ball over just makes you want to tear your hair out...if you have any. The defense contained Marshawn Lynch for the most part but Russell Wilson did the damage on the ground in his place. With the OLB's crashing down to try to gang tackle Lynch that allowed Wilson to read the play and take off. The good thing was the adjustments Haslett made at halftime to slow that down. The defense played well but the depth or lack of depth is being exposed with some of the starters out. Once again Bashaud Breeland played solidly and physically. I think this kid is gonna be a play maker in this league. He's still learning how to play CB in the NFL but he physical nature is evident. Tracy Porter has to get on the field because E.J. Biggers is getting exposed as the third CB and it's hurting the defense. Keenan Robinson is showing why the team was adamant that he would be the successor to London Fletcher. He's flowing sideline to sideline, making tackles and making solid calls. There has been plenty of talk about Brian Orakpo not having big numbers or making a game changing plays to warrant the franchise tag. All I have to say about that is his effectiveness doesn't always show up in sacks. He takes on double teams, goes against the best lineman on the opposing team and doesn't get to move around like most of the elite OLB's. So before fans say he's a bust or not worth it, think about if he wasn't there. Ryan Kerrigan would be getting the double teams or  would have to go against double teams and chips all game. Kerrigan gets moved around. Most times he's on the right side but sometimes lines up over the guards or center which gives him the match up advantage. This unit isn't the greatest but they aren't the worst either. Jim Haslett is doing the best he can with what he has. Injuries to key players has hurt this unit but they stay competitive and make adjustments to stop what's hurting the team during the game. Still need a game changing play maker on defense. Hopefully a first round pick next year will finally get the defense what they need.

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 Finally the special teams unit. This unit has had two weeks in a row without making a mental mistake or giving up a huge return or TD. Now don't get me wrong, the weren't perfect or made any plays to spark the team but they also didn't make any plays to cost the team. Which is a improvement for this unit. Seattle showed what a good unit is all about. Great coverage, no penalties, good return game, a punter that gets hang time and boom every time. I personally think it maybe time to call Zach Hocker back. Tres Way is doing a good job at kicking off but trying to ask him to onside kick is ridiculous. He is a punter and shouldn't have to constantly kick off because the starting kicker can't. Who knows what effect it may have on his punting down the line. He's booming punts and hope he continues but keeping Kai Forbath on the roster and he can't fully do his job is not a good thing. Just like they cut Rambo for not being able to do his job I think it's time let him go and bring in the guy they drafted to see if he can do the whole job asked of him.

 Next week we have another stout defense to go against in the Arizona Cardinals. They are having injury issues also and are using a third string QB. I believe Carson Palmer will be back next week but I feel this game is a winnable game. If we match our play from this week and improve on it this could be a much needed win for this team. Be sure to like the It Is Wat It Is page on Facebook and if you'd like to follow on Twitter or Facebook you can hit me up at @Tattooedscorpio on twitter or friend request me on Facebook at Porter III. As always #HTTR4LIFE #BeatDaCardinals

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