Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quick Prediction Redskins vs. Giants

I am unlike a lot of Redskin fans......I really despise the Giants. Most Redskin fans consider the Giants their 3rd hated rivalry behind the likes of the Cowboys and Eagles. It's understandable as the Cowboys are our "classic" rivals and that many* in their fanbase are obnoxious bandwagon fans who don't even realize that Dallas is in the state of Texas. The Eagles I also get. I have many friends, co-workers and associates that are Eagles fans and are fine by themselves, but you get a group* of Eagles fans together and it's like a pack of hyenas. They'd give their grandmother the finger during an Eagles game.

But, I can't stand the Giants. I'm sick of their smugness. I'm sick of John Mara and how he seems to control Roger Goodell like he's his personal Muppet. I can never forgive Mara for the events of Capgate and his "spirit of the game" comments, despite the NFL violating the uncapped year rules and colluding to keep the salary cap down. I also can't stand Eli Manning and his having a bitch fit because he was drafted by the Chargers, so his daddy and the NFL got him sent to NY.

The 'Skins are playing the Giants today and it's time for a prediction.
The 'Skins have really stunk it up against the G-Men as of late. I'm torn here and it's time to give you what my head and heart are telling me.

Head says: I've had this as a loss for awhile. Matter of fact, I saw the Redskins at the mid-way point to be 3-5, they lose to the Pats (duh) and then go 1-2 in their next three. So far, I've been dead on. I expect a typical crappy Redskins performance and a typical blowout type of loss.

Heart says: This is the game they turn things around. Beat the Giants and with exception to the Bears and Bills, the 'Skins could win the remaining games on the schedule (Cowboys, Eagles). At worst, with a Giants win, I see the Redskins going 4-2 down the stretch. An 8-8 season and the NFC East could easily be there for the taking. They will win today.

I trust my head here more than my heart, but you never know.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saints @ Redskins Game Preview/Prediction

(Can Ryan Kerrigan step up and have a big game against Brees? Photo: Derick Hingle/US Presswire)
So, I had a six part mid-season breakdown that I wanted to get out this week and well.... life happened. Currently, I'm in the middle of part two of the series and I hope I will have the remaining posts out within the next two weeks.


I was going to make a prediction about this game in part 6 of the breakdown, but since the game is on in just a few hours I figured I'd need to make a quick prediction.

So, I think this game will be one of the 3-4 games that I think the 'Skins will win in the remainder of the 2015 season.

Here's why:
- Drew Brees is not nearly as good outdoors than he is indoors. Brees will have a decent game nonetheless, but I think will be more likely to miss a key deep pass or get picked off at some point in the game.

- Jay Gruden actually has a decent record at FedEx. His teams are 6-6 at home, 1-11 on the road. Could Gruden actually have a winning home record after Sunday?

- The Redskins may have most of their starters back. With exception of the OL, the team seems to finally be getting healthy. For the first time all season, the Redskins may have their top three CBs active and healthy. DeSean Jackson may finally at 100%.

- The run game may be able to work this week. The Saints defense may be even worse than the Redskins in stopping the run. If Matt Jones or Alfred Morris don't get 100 yards this week I would be really concerned.

- Rashad Ross and the kick off return team might have a chance to break another big run as the 'Skins will be facing Kai Forbath this week. While I still like Forbath, we all can admit Forbath's weakness is his kickoffs.

This may not be a critical as the "Code Red" game at home vs. Tampa Bay, but it's pretty close. I have a feeling that this will also be another nail biting, frustration game for the fans. That said, I expect that Kirk Cousins will lead the team down the field on the final drive to win with no time remaining.

Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Mid-Season Thoughts Pt.1: Awards

(Cheer up coach, The Redskins are right where I thought they'd be.)
Hey folks, FedEx Al here.
I thought now would be a good time to jump back onto the blog and look at the 2015 Redskins so far and where I think the team is headed for the remainder of the season and into 2016.

Remember, back in June I predicted the Redskins to go 6-10 and after the first eight games, the team is on course to achieve that record. Now there has been plenty of ups and downs already and a lot of frustration because I feel that the team could have played better and possibly won 2-3 of those five losses. But, despite all of those fan feelings, the team is right where I expected them to be which overall isn't a bad thing.

I have plenty to write about when it comes to the team, but let's start off and give out some mid-season MVPs

(If only he could stay healthy for 16 games. Photo: Alex Brandon via Newsday)

MVP Offense: Jordan Reed
Reed is still not the best run blocker, but at least he has made an effort to improve in that area and it has shown. What Reed is known for though is being a pass catching machine. The Redskins offense is much different with him in the game and it gives Kirk Cousins a good target to find open on a regular basis.

Reed's only problem remains that he gets injured to the point that many fans consider him just being a bonus if he's active on game days. It would have been really nice to seen what Niles Paul could have done this season alongside Reed.

(Swaggy!!!!! Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP/via Washington Times)

MVP Defense: Chris Baker
In previous seasons I got annoyed by Baker's celebrations. The reason is that he didn't finish plays. Dancing while there's a loose ball or if a player is still not tackled drives me crazy (to be fair he's not the only player in the NFL to do this). In 2015 though, Baker has really evolved into a team leader who makes plays, finishes them and then celebrates. Baker won a starting job this year and has proven that it's going to be very hard for another player to take it away from him.

(Could Hopkins be the 2015 'Skins best free agent? Photo via

MVP Special Teams: Dustin Hopkins
I think both the team and the fan base has a great deal of respect for Kai Forbath. I think despite letting him go, we still do. Forbath was incredibly accurate from  the 45yd. range and he could hit FGs that went into the lower 50 yd. range. That said, his kickoffs were terrible.

In many cases, that would be ok if the Redskins had a decent kick coverage team but they really don't. Matter of fact, the Redskins have one of the weaker coverage units in the league. So, the team made a change and brought in Dustin Hopkins, the kicker who lost the Saints kicking job to Zach Hocker.......the former Redskins draft pick who lost to Forbath for the Redskins kicker position.

Hopkins not only can kick FGs, but now can generate touchbacks, something the team desperately needed and has a knack of making successful onside kicks.

So, the awards have been given out. Now it's time to crack open this franchise and look at its parts, piece by piece.

Part 2 will look at the front office and if Scot McCloughan is having an effect on the team.

Part 3 will look at the coaching, both the good and the bad.

Part 4 will tackle one of the most annoying debates I've had to deal with as a Redskins fan/blogger.

Part 5 will look at the current roster, the injuries, the cap and who will (or won't) be back next season.

Part 6 will end with a final game by game season prediction and a brief look at the 2016 draft.

Thanks again for reading and sorry for not posting in awhile. Please continue to read and follow @TattooedScorpio both on here and on Twitter. I'm at @IIWIISkinsBlog and please share this if you like the article and feel free to leave comments, emails or Tweet me.

Hail to the Redskins!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mid-Season Report Card and Grades

The 2015 Redskins did something that no other team in Redskins history had ever done before. A 24 point deficit is usually insurmountable in ther NFL but this team scrapped, fought and found a way to win. Could this be the kick start this team needed to get everything going in the right direction...only one way to find out. Play a consistent brand of football for the rest of the season and see where they stand at seasons end.

 Hail Redskins Nation!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the bye week and got a chance to recoup like some of the injured players. So far it's been a almost typical up and down season for the Redskins, but you can tell is definitely a more determined, focused and physical team. The comeback victory from week 7 was very impressive and in my mind at the time, it didn't seem possible. If you want to hear my thoughts on the game you are in luck. Click the link to hear my thoughts on the game, team and quarterback situation. I'd like to thank Hurts House Online Sports Show  on the Tru Radio Network for having me as a call in guest to give my thoughts and observations of the week 7 victory. Now it's time to move into the second half of the football season and make a successful playoff push. At (3-4) and in 2nd place in the NFC east the team has it's destiny in its own hands. The first test coming out the bye week is the undefeated Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots. This is a big test for this team and I'll give my tale of the tape a little later. Now let's get to my mid-season report card and grades:

Quarterback: Kirk Cousins has had a very inconsistent first half of the season. When he's good he looks a truly capable NFL quarterback. When he's bad he tends to get worse, especially in the turnover department. He does know the offense, controls the pace of the game, generally makes good decisions until he decides to press or force a pass he shouldn't. If he can limit his multiple turnover games and continue to step up when he's needed to it could make this season very interesting in an underachieving NFC East division. Grade: C

Running Back: To be honest I've never been a fan of running back by committee (3 or more backs sharing the ball) but would rather a 1-2 combo if any. I say that to say this, over the last 3 weeks the running game has been non-existent. The coach already has a issue with sticking with the run, then throw in the fact one back can't get any feel for the game of how the defense is playing the run. Granted injuries on the O-line and from the skill positions has equally hurt the running game. Hopefully with injured players returning and better dedication to the running game will get back going and eating up defenses and game clock. Grade: B-

Wide Receivers: DeSean Jackson hasn't been on the field since the first series of the first game of the season. I still can't understand why Coach Gruden would run a Go route on the first series when the speedy wide receiver hadn't played one down in preseason. I have been noticing fans bashing him calling him soft etc etc. I recall last year and several seasons with the Eagles he played thru the pain an put up big numbers. The fact that it's his hamstring is why you wanna hold him back so it doesn't linger. In the colder months of the season it's harder to get warmed up and stay warmed up to prevent injuries so you would rather he be 100% going into the stretch run. Pierre Garcon is steady as usual and having a decent season so far but  his numbers should get better once the WR corp gets to full strength.The silver lining of this situation is the young WRs have been stepping up big time. The 2nd year pro Ryan Grant and rookie Jamison Crowder have made their presence known and felt on this team. Once Jackson gets back it will add another dimension to the passing game and the offense which in turn will help the running game. Grade: B+

Tight Ends: With season ending injuries to Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen and the often injured Jordan Reed, no one knew what to expect from this group this season. In Jay's offense the TE is a very crucial position. Having to depend solely on Jordan Reed who has missed 12 games combined in his first two seasons had me worried and scouring the waiver wire at the beginning of the season. The late addition of Derrick Carrier has proven to be a quality pick up that has stepped up when needed. For this offense to move the ball and produce touchdowns instead of field goals Jordan Reed has to stay on the field. The blocking from the TE position needs to improve as a whole but so far it hasn't been a major issue. It will be interesting to see how defenses try to play Jordan Reed when DeSean Jackson returns. You can't bracket or double them both so it should open up the passing and running game. Grade: B

Offensive Line: The injury bug has hit this unit harder then any other on the team. Forcing rookies and second year players into starting role helps them develop faster but also does hinder your offense because of the lack of experience. Since the Shawn Lauvou went on the IR the run game has suffered and has been on a decline. By sticking with the run it will help the unit gain chemistry, cohesion and the ability to control the line of scrimmage when necessary. I've been impressed with Morgan Moses and Brandon Schreff holding down the right side. Not saying they've been lights out but the success they've had so far is a good sign. That definitely has something to do with the addition of Bill Callahan to the coaching staff. He's taken an underachieving unit and turning into potentially a quality O-line in the NFL. Grade: C+

Defensive Line: This unit had the most turnover in the off season and all the moves has proven a smart and well executed. The biggest addition (not just by size) in my opinion has been Terrence "Pot Roast" Knighton. His presence in the middle of the line occupying two sometimes three lineman which allows others to get pressure or stuff the run. Chris Baker also is having a productive season so far. He's been equally effective stopping the run and rushing the passer. Lately the defense has been getting gashed on big runs and long runs, which happens time to time. It's only been one such run that directly resulted in a TD. If u recall in the Tampa Bay game they gave up a long gain by Doug Martin but was stopped at the 3 and ended up kicking a field goal from the 7. The impressive thing about that is despite those few long runs the defense has held their opponents to around three yards a carry on all other runs. With a new scheme and new coordinator you have to expect some growing pains. I love the switch from a 2 gap scheme to a 1 gap. Which means instead of the D-lineman trying to read and react to offense they attack and force the action instead of reacting to what the offense is doing. Grade: C+

Linebacker: If the offensive line is the hardest hit by the injury bug the linebacker corp is the second hardest hit unit starting with Junior Gallete right before the start of the season. All the starters have missed time at some point this season but the replacements have filled in well. Second year un drafted free agent Will Compton has started/played 3 of the 4 LB positions, rookie Preston Smith has been effective in his limited role, Jackson Jeffcoat has filled in well during spot duty. The biggest question coming out of the bye week is whether or not Ryan Kerrigan will be able to play after breaking his hand and having surgery during the bye week. The unit has been effective but not the standout unit that would create constant pressure like we thought at the start of the season. Trent Murphy had that one quarter against the Rams but other then that has pretty much been quiet. I was calling for Preston Smith to start in place of him because it seems like Smith is always causing havoc somewhere when he's on the field. I don't want to call Murphy a bust but I thinking it's time to give someone else a shot and see what happens. In the second half of the season we will need this unit to step up with creating pressure (especially this coming Sunday) and causing turnovers. Giving the offense a short field and possibly points by the defense will go a long way into securing a playoff berth. Grade: B-

Secondary: The secondary has had issues for years, sad to say as far back as the untimely death of Redskins great Free Safety Sean Taylor in 2007. Until you solidify the back end, you will always have an issue with your defense. The key additions Dashon Goldson, Jeron Johnson at the safety positions and Chris Culliver and Will Blackmon at the cornerback position the secondary has looked superb compared to last years inconsistency. The veteran of the group DeAngelo Hall, who has either been recovering from injury or getting dinged up here and there all season. If he can
actually get on the field it will give this secondary a boost in leadership and experience which you can never have too much of. Then there's the star in the making second year standout Bashaud Breeland. His play has been consistent all season and his ability to take away a receiver that he's covering is a added bonus. He alone have contributed to several key turnovers throughout this season. For this secondary to take the next step and start forcing turnovers the front seven has to provide more pressure. The secondary has done a solid job of covering but when the pressure doesn't get there it really puts them in a bind. That has been an issue in games recently. The secondary would do a solid job of covering but the pressure doesn't get there or the Qb makes eludes the pressure and buys time to make a play. The more they play together as a unit the better they will be. Grade: B+

Special Teams: This unit has made the biggest improvement from week 1 to the mid point of the season. From getting punts blocked in the first week to blocking a punt of their own and scoring a TD. Special teams coach Ben Kotwica deserves at least a pat on the back and a cold brew
for the turnaround. The players also for finding a way to improve, become a factor in games (in a positive way for a change) and actually becoming a dependable unit. Even from the kicker Dustin Hopkins to the rookie returner Jamison Crowder, it seems like this unit has finally gotten it self together after years of dysfunction. Last season Tress Way was the early season replacement that has excelled and looks like Dustin Hopkins will be this years key replacement. I actually find myself excited when they are receiving a punt or kickoff because you never know if we're gonna see another step of progress to building a great TEAM. Grade: A-

   With the undefeated Super Bowl Champs next on the schedule most wouldn't give the Redskins a chance. If you listened to my thoughts on the outcome of the game you know I'm not too sure we can beat them in Foxboro. If it is to happen the keys are as always; 1) Run the ball to control the clock and the line of scrimmage, 2)Get constant pressure on Tom Brady and keep him moving around the pocket, 3) Don't turn the ball over. Simply those three things can give the Redskins a shot at shocking the world. As always thanks for the support, reading and  sharing my blog. #HTTR #BeatDaPats

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Week Six: 10 Observations Of The Redskins Vs Jets Game

After six weeks starting at Qb, Kirk Cousins has eight ints and six touchdowns. His ball placement was terrible for the second week straight and he's still trying to force the ball into tight spots. I'm not sure how much longer Coach Gruden can justify not making a quarterback change.

 Hail RedskinsNation!!!!! Another week in the NFL schedule but it sure looked and felt like last week to me. Once again another lights out performance by the defense until they were unable to dig any deeper to continue stopping their opponent. Two weeks in a row the defense has put the offense in ideal positions to blow games wide open but it just hasn't worked out that way. It was already a tough match up on the road against a tough defense. Add in basically a rookie offensive line and 2 out of 3 of your main offensive play makers sidelined. Kirk's int's and the offense just plain ineffectiveness helps kill the defense faster than the opponent . The most upsetting thing is our 3rd quarter performances all year. The Redskins are being outscored 46-3 in the 3rd and that's supposed to be after adjustments are made. I don't know if Gruden is calling all the plays but it might be time to let Sean McVay take over some of the play calling duties. One of a few bright spots for the team was a blocked punt for TD by the constantly improving special teams unit. No one talks about this unit until they screw up but you have to give credit to Coach Kotwica and his assistants for getting these guys
Another stellar game for Breeland. He keeps this up he will make the
Pro Bowl and possibly 2nd team All Pro defense in his 2nd season.
up and ready. Joe Barry also deserves credit with all the injuries they still are playing at a high level. I know I spotlight him every week but every week he"s doing outstanding things trying to help this team win. It's second year standout, shutdown cornerback Bashaud Breeland. In the game he had 2 passes defended 2 fumble recoveries 4 tackles (3 solo) and a top 10 worthy int late in the game. This kid is gonna be something special for us for years to come. Now to my observations:

  For two weeks in a row the defense has produced three turnovers (six in the last 2 games) and have only scored 16 points ( not sure if the blocked punt for TD counted as a turnover) off of those turnovers. Have to start getting 7 instead of  settling for 3. With DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed on the mend there return should open things up for this offense especially in the red zone.


  The front seven has been playing well for the most part but there are stretches where a big play needs to be made and this unit can help in that area. Need to cause a turnover or a big sack to stop momentum by the other team. I feel that will be coming soon with the D line getting more and more familiar with each other.

  All the points that were scored yesterday were scored off of turnovers, which is a good thing but also not a good thing. What gets missed is that the offense didn't produce any points based off of their ability to drive the ball. That should be a red flag for any offense. Jay needs to listen to some of his assistants for some advice and learn to mix up his play calls better.

 The trick play attempted in the third quarter was a good idea at the time to try and catch the defense off guard but execution was ruined this play. He has to start mixing up his play calls more and using more misdirection, especially with all the injuries on offense.

  I've been speaking about Kirk's ball placement the last three weeks. Now it's to the point where he's getting receivers hurt or in a position to get hurt. By him not leading them out of danger with his passes sometimes he leads them to it. When he is putting the ball on the inside shoulder instead of the outside shoulder or throwing behind the receiver instead of in front when he has nothing but open field in front of him.

  An encouraging sign is the reduction in penalties over the last few games. The team didn't get an accepted  penalty against them until the middle of the fourth quarter. That"s very impressive being that the previous games were all double digit penalty games except for the St. Louis game.

  I'm not understanding Jay only giving Alfred Morris the ball 11 times and on top of that is reluctant to use Darrel Young, one of the best all around fullbacks in the NFL. Instead of 3 WRs 2 TEs and 1 RB which leaves Morris one on one in the hole. We all know Morris is a north south runner with power but doesn't have the moves to make someone miss. So instead of lining up with 2 WRs 2 TEs and 2 RBs then you have more balance and a blocking back to enable Morris to make one cut and go which is what he excels at.

 Jamison Crowder is making plays week in and week out and by doing so he's increased his playing time. With his speed and quickness he can be a real attribute in the slot when DeSean Jackson comes back. Once the defenses will have to key more on D Jax then other things will open up elsewhere in the passing and running game. This rookie is making his presence felt on offense and special teams. I still believe that he is the reason Andre Roberts will be cut at the end of the season.

 Looking to get more pass rush generated, I think it's time to put Preston Smith in the starting lineup. Trent Murphy, I thought had turned the corner with his play a few weeks back. Since that game he
has disappeared again. Ryan Kerrigan can't wreak havoc on his side if the opposite linebacker isn't getting any push. More pressure leads to more turnovers which leads to more points (hopefully touchdowns in the future) which leads to victories.

  One of the under the radar moves made early this season was the signing of kicker Dustin Hopkins after the team cut Kai Forbath. We loved Kai's accuracy but his leg strength on kickoffs was a problem from day one and ultimately sealed his fate. Ironically Forbath was just signed to the New Orleans Saints today after they cut the ex redskins 2014 draft pick Zach Hocker earlier in the week. Dustin has came in and not missed a beat connecting on 9 out of 10 attempts with a long of 54 yards. His kickoffs are always deep and mostly out of the end zone. Just another piece to the special teams unit that is finally showing improvement, getting better field position and scoring points.

  Next week we have a interesting match up with the (2-3)Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the #1 pick quarterback Jameis Winston. Not knowing the situation with the secondary right now this is gonna be a tough matchup. Tampa has the biggest WRs ,TE combination with Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins.  All three are 6'5" and are extremely hard to bring down after making the catch. Plus Doug Martin is playing like he did in his standout rookie season of 2012. The Redskins defense should have another multiple turnover day with the rookie under center. Winston has seven int's this season and 2 returned for TDs. The defense could help motivate the offense if they're able to put some points on the board.

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Week Five: 10 Observations Of The Redskins Vs Falcons

Despite a lights out performance by the defense, ( Bashaud Breeland especially) the Redskins came up short in a badly coached yet well played game. Coach Gruden made some head scratching playcalls yesterday that had more to do with the loss then the untimely second interception of the game in overtime by Kirk Cousins.
 Hail RedskinsNation!!!! After a well played, questionably coached game the Redskins loss a heart breaker to the Falcons in overtime. Kirk Cousins had a bad game at quarterback after the well played comeback victory performance from a week ago. Constantly throwing behind receivers in traffic, throwing too high to receivers when they were wide open and making bad decisions rounded out his bad. On the good side, he's still showing command of the offense and the huddle, has a great tempo and rhythm going, and he is progressing with every start. The only problem is with the progression, he sometimes regresses like he did yesterday with some of his decision making. The one play (besides the game ending int) that showed this to me the most was the first interception. After several failed attempts at getting Pierre Garcon the ball, Kirk once again forced a ball to Pierre on a 3rd and 10 play. Difference this time is if he would've hit his hot read (Chris Thompson) with the pressure coming Thompson, who had open field and a LB on him that almost certainly wouldn't have been able to stop the eventual 1st down. Against one of the more potent offenses in the NFL, this defense held it's own and made a statement. With both starting cornerbacks out, everyone just knew that the Falcons would be able to throw the ball up and down the field all day. Well Bashaud Breeland and Will Blackmon had something to say about that, and proved next man up is alive and well in the Washington locker room....finally. Now to my 10 observations:

 Kirk Cousins has to improve  his accuracy beyond 15 yards, consistency of ball placement, decision making, when and how far to lead a receiver. I've stated several times this season that he's constantly leaving yards and points on the field, and yesterday's game was a prime example of it.

  Coach has to get the running game going with better play selection and consistency of sticking with the run. Once again more passes then rushes and in a close game no less. I can understand if the Redskins were behind the whole game and had to throw but we had the lead for most of the game. In our two victories we had over 25 rushing attempts. This loss 24 rushes 32 passes.

 With Jordan Reed sidelined with concussion symptoms, if would be smart to start using two running back sets with Chris Thompson as the constant. He creates mismatches and will take the key off of the other running back and allow more room in the box for Alfred and Matt to do their thing. (New nickname for the trio is PSP Power-Speed-Patience) With DeSean Jackson out it makes it even easier for defenses to drop the 8th man down in the box to stop the run. The two back approach and better utilization of the screen game will help open running lanes too.

 I understand Jay Gruden is still learning on the job in his second season but some of his play calls and selection are truly head scratchers. The pass happy approach is okay when needed but running the ball is what got us the two wins so far this season and will lead to more victories. He also has to start making quicker and better adjustments to counter what the defense does or is doing to slow the offense. Not expecting perfection but progression, just like Kirk he seems to regress some weekly also.


 Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry has the defense rallying to the ball, hitting hard, making solid tackles, getting off the field on third downs and finally creating some turnovers. This up and coming
defensive unit has a new attitude, nastiness and aggressiveness that has been missing for a long time. I believe Bashaun Breeland will be a top notch shutdown corner in this league.

  Even though there's only one healthy starter left in the secondary that started week 1 (Dashon Goldston). The secondary with back up players starting, two weeks in a row have helped shut down two potent and dangerous offenses. With the pressure from the front seven and solid coverage by the back end, this defense could definitely be a top 10 unit. I said in a precious article that the defense would be the key to this teams success and it's looking like that will be the storyline of this season.

 Once again the young guys on the roster are stepping up and making play after play, which is a great sign for this organization. With Scot McCloughan at the helm with all player decisions this team is in good hands. The attitude, mentality, fight and overall talent level has improved immensely. Player development has been a issue here for a while, It's refreshing to see a change in a positive direction, hopefully this continues for years to come.


  With the emergence of Jamison Crowder, it's a safe bet to make that Andre Roberts Redskins career will be over at the end of the season. His deal he signed just two short years ago was front loaded wit guaranteed money and the option to cut after two years with minimum cap hit. Crowder is making an impact on special teams along with the WR corp. This kid is making  name for himself. Making good decisions on special teams, grabbing big third down catches, or just giving that extra effort on every play trying to do something to help this team win.

     I don't like complaining about officiating  but the NFL has got to do something about consistency of penalty calls. Have to call the game fair, consistent and equal for all involved. Two weeks in a row our defenders have been hit with unnecessary roughness penalties for what I'd say should've been no calls. Referees influence should be limited but a bad call here and a missed call there changes the whole complexion of the game. Down, distance, field position, play call, time of possession etc etc.  The only solution they have now is a letter on Tuesday morning saying we screwed up. Now that doesn't help that team or that coach but we the fans are supposed to consider this game fair and equal.

  My last observation/question still has me wondering and want to reach out to a league official. I recall the rule had been modified a few years back regarding fumbles and recoveries of them. Stating that in order for a fumble to be advanced by the recovering team (If the offense that turned it over) the player that fumbled it has to recover it in order to advance it. If that's the new rule how is it that Devante Freeman clearly fumbled on the 5 yard line yet Julio Jones was allowed to recover the ball for a touchdown?

 Next week another tough matchup out of the AFC East, the hard hitting (3-1) New York Jets. This will be another interesting game. The Jets once again have a potent defense but this year the offense is making steps in the right direction. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall, and Chris Ivory are the catalyst to this up and coming offense that has other weapons too. Our defense must show up again and have a multi sack, mutli turnover game to help the inconsistent offense. Another game that will no doubt come down to who has the ball last.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Week Four: 10 Observations Of The Redskins Vs Eagles

With both the Redskins and Eagles coming in 1-2 this game was very important to both teams, knowing starting the season 1-3 would be a nail in their coffin for making a playoff push. As always a hard hitting division game that went down to the wire.
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  Hail Redskins Nation!!!! Once again #VictoryMonday is upon us after a hard fought division game that I'm sure had everyone (myself included) yelling at their television.  After last weeks loss to the Giants, I didn't know what to expect from Coach Gruden and his play calling. I was very disappointed in his calls last week and for some of this game, I had that same feeling but luckily this week it didn't cost us the game. Only knock I have on the play caller is that sometimes he gets pass happy even when the run game is effective. This week was a little different, the run wasn't as effective but instead of keep feeding Alfred Morris the ball, Kirk Cousins ended up throwing the ball 46 times. Only 32 rush attempts for the game and in the second half the bulk of rushes came on the game winning drive. Not trying to rain on the parade but the coach has to stick the run to wear the defense down. Luckily this worked to the Redskins advantage this week by converting third downs and going on long time consuming drives. Holding the ball for over 40 mins and keeping the Eagles quick strike but inconsistent offense on the sideline.  With the large time of possession discrepancy there is no way this game should've needed a 4th quarter game winning drive. But all in all it was a full 60 min effort from all three phases and came out with a much needed division win. Also it's the first time the team has won back to back home games since 2013. Now let's get to my 10 observations:

  Kirk Cousins looked very comfortable running the offense, but like Robert Griffin when he was under center, he's leaving
yards and points on the field. He has to get better at leading receivers on the mid to intermediate routes. Several times if he would've led the receiver a little more, instead of it being a 5-10 yard run after the catch it could've gone for 20 yards or more after the catch.

 The three TE formation that was so effective against the Rams, seems like Jay is scared to use it even tho it's been successful. It opens up the run and the passing game. If u recall when Kirk threw out of that formation Pierre Garcon was practically wide open on the same slant play each time.

  Chris Thompson, Jamison Crowder, and Rashad Ross all took advantage of their time on the field. All three came up wit huge, timely plays that converted first downs at crucial and critical times. If these players develop to their full potential, it could make this offense that much more potent. (DeSean Jackson looks to be be within 2 weeks)

  The offensive line did a good job opening up holes and keeping the quarterback upright. Giving up only one sack and the running game produced 127 yards ( lowest output of the season). With Spencer Long getting his first start alongside Trent Williams, he had his bright spots and some rookie moments but overall did a good job at LG.

  Trent Murphy (not more then two weeks ago I stated that he was in jeopardy of losing his starting
job to Preston Smith) had his breakout performance. With two tackles, only credited with one sack (should've got a 1/2 sack on Baker's second sack and a 1/2 sack on Ryan Kerrigan's sack) fumble recovery and a string of plays that help close out the Eagles in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

  Chris Culliver obviously wasn't 100% and Sam Bradford exposed and exploited him all second half of the game. DeAngelo Hall hopefully be back in the starting lineup soon so that Culliver can move back to the slot where he is more effective. Bashaud Breeland is turning into a solid, physical and shutdown cornerback.

   The linebackers, led by Keenan Robinson have been lights out. In coverage, filling the gaps, stopping the run, holding the edge Will Compton (led team wit seven tackles) has been filling in very nicely for Perry Riley (I said Compton would get the starting job at some point this season) and Ryan Kerrigan should've had a three sacks, instead of a single sack.

  Jay Gruden has to go back to the Rams gameplan and use that philosophy going forward. The three TE set is a great play design, causes mismatches and has big play potential. In that game I believe it was just about 50/50 run to pass ratio and that is the formula for success. The redzone offense needs a better design, flow and some misdirection. To me it's become predictable.

  Joe Barry has silenced a lot of his critics with performance of the defensive unit the first quarter of the season. The run defense is only giving up 78 yards a game, nine sacks (five sacks vs Eagles), and four forced fumbles and recovering three. Unfortunately no int's as of yet, but with all the injuries/suspensions and rotation of new bodies that's to be expected. As long as they're playing good coverage then I'm good.

 Last but certainly not least, the special teams unit has played well the last two games. Last week  with Rashad Ross had a 101 yard kickoff return and this week after Darren Sproles  split the defenders and was on his way to changing momentum and returning a punt for the second week in a row. But punter Tres Way got in his way weaving thru the wall of blockers to slow him just enough so Jackson Jeffcoat could force him out of bounds. I know fans are upset that he broke loose but the fact that everyone played through the play and didn't quit was a sign of improvement.

   Next week the Redskins travel to the 4-0 Atlanta Falcons for the toughest test of the season so far. Kyle Shanahan has implemented his offense and it has taken the Falcons offense and whole team to a different level. We must contain Julio Jones and their spark plug running back Devonta Freeman. He can run through you or past you. The defense is gonna have to be stout again in order for this team to win in that loud dome. Kirk will have to have another mistake free game and make timely throws when needed. All in all should be a good game that once again will come down to the fourth quarter.

    As always #HTTR. You can follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio or on Facebook Carroll Porter III. Feel free to inbox, direct message or comment any questions, thoughts for topics of discussion or just to talk sports in general. If any local residents are interested in volunteering at FedEx Field during games for community service hours or just because. Check out the flyer below.  Hail and enjoy #VictoryMonday #BeatDaFalcons

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week: Two Observations of the Washington Redskins Vs St. Louis Rams

Every since the blockbuster trade for the rights to Robert Griffin III in 2012 these two teams have been and forever will be linked. This season with RGIII being the emergency Qb and not being a factor the team could finally focus on football, not headlines or six team captains.

   Hail RedskinsNation!!!!! It was a hard hitting dominate game for second time this season but this time the team found a way to win. We all know what that's #VictoryMonday!!!!! This was a full team effort and that's how u win in the NFL. Kirk Cousins protected the ball ( I only saw two passes he put up for grabs), the running game was outstanding. The defense was stout, persistent dominate and wrecked havoc behind the line all day. Even for the most part the coaching was pretty much balanced. The Special Teams didn't make any costly mistakes and actually held it's own against one of the better Special Teams units in the league. It was refreshing to see Coach Gruden adjust his offense to his opponent and to see him stick with the run after the momentum started to slide towards the Rams ( aided by Coach Gruden going away from the run coming out of half time). Not trying to harp on the negative but there's always room for improvement. No one gave this team a chance against the Rams after they beat the Seahawks last week. It's great to see this team come together and play a full 60 minutes, execute, and get a victory.  Now let's get to my breakdowns of the position groups and coaches:

Quarterback: Kirk Cousin's played one of the better games of his
Kirk looked for the most part poised in
his 2nd start of the season.
short career, taking care of the ball, commanding the huddle, and keeping the team up tempo and moving at a good pace. For the most part he made solid decisions and protected the ball. He had a few forced throws into coverage but what Qb doesn't do that at some point, luckily the defenders weren't able to hold onto the ball. Pretty much stayed clean against one of the leagues more talented defensive font four. His only short coming is his accuracy throwing the deep ball and that showed on the first half pass to Ryan Grant. A little more zip on the ball and arch on the ball. If he had lead the Ryan Grant and cautgh him in stride could've been six points. As long as he protects the ball, continues to command the huddle, make solid decisions and keep an up pace tempo...he might play himself into a permanent starting role. Grade: B+

Rookie Matt Jones had a stellar game and
may have help solidify this offense and
the run game.

Running Backs: The Redskins already had a potent rushing attack with the workhorse Alfred Morris but with the addition of the third round pick Matt Jones....let's just say the opposing defenses better stay fresh. These two power runners punished each defender that attempted to tackle them. They ran hard and with a purpose, on several runs you could see the physicality in the rookie and as always with Alfred "The Butler"Morris. Even after Jones put the ball on the ground, he continued to run hard and didn't let it slow him down one bit. In the rookies second game as a professional he had his first 100 yard game and scored his 1st two NFL touchdowns. Chris Thompson even chipped in with a catch on a critical third down that pushed the momentum back to the Redskins side. Grade: B+

Wide Receivers: With the running game being so strong and kept eating up clock there wasn't a lot of targets for the WRs. Kirk only threw the ball 27 times and 11 went to the receivers. When called upon they made the plays that needed to be made, run blocked well (which helped spring Alfred and Jones on their big runs of the day). Without DeSean Jackson and a feared deep threat for the next few weeks Pierre Garcon took the lead and will have to continue to lead with his hard nosed style of play. Expect more of the heavy run attack with occasional play action until D Jax comes back. As long as they make the plays that are there to make....this team will be in every game this season.Grade:B-

Tight Ends: I wrote in one of my preseason recaps that "Jordan Reed will need to stay healthy and fulfill some of  the potential the team drafted him for". His play has an direct impact on the quarterback and is a key to there being success in this offense. For the most part he's showed his potential in the
Jordan Reed was causing match up
problems all day for the Rams defense.
passing game by leading the team in receptions. In both games Jordan has been making tough catches and drive extending catches. He showed his toughness this week when he tweaked his quad on Thursday but knew his team needed him and had a good game. He's still a working progress at blocking but you can see improvement and the determination to get better on his part. With Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen being lost for the season, all the pressure is on Jordan to perform and if healthy it looks like he will have no problem doing that.Grade:B-

Offensive Line: Last week the offensive line held their own against one of the leagues best defensive lines and did the same this week. In two weeks the line has only given up four sacks and have been able to clear the way for 167 yards last week and 182 this week. That's a 175 yard a game average, which any team in the NFL would love to have and
The offensive line has been outstanding
under Bill Callahan. It was big holes to
run through and a clean pocket
most of the game.
remember we're starting two rookies on the right side. Trent Williams didn't play a down in preseason. I say that to say this, this team will get better throughout this season and will be in every game. The chemistry is coming slowly but surely and once this line becomes more familiar with each other...just watch out. Pass protection is definitely a working progress but with time and experience that will get better also. Grade:A-

Coaching: Normally I save the coaching grade for last but I felt this week it was important enough to talk about before the defense. All the talk around the DMV is that Coach Gruden is on the HOT seat....well I don't understand how after one season and one game. I loved his decision to come out with a three tight end formation to neutralize the Rams potent pass rush. The fact that he actually changed his game plan to account for the other teams weaknesses and his teams strengths shows me that he's finally learning on the job. No coach can ever stop learning or adapting to the ever changing game in the NFL. Now I would love to say he stuck with it throughout the whole game but, I can not. Being up 17-0 and receiving the 3rd quarter opening kickoff the coach decided to start throwing the ball. Personally I didn't think coming out passing was the right thing to do and we all saw the results of the quarter. The coach was bailed out by the defense which got stops when needed and the running game that once he decided to go back too, after the Rams almost stole the momentum. At the end of the day all that matters is that the team got the win. Grade: C

Defensive Line: The defensive line has improved drastically from last season, at least so far in this young season. The defense needed a infusion of youth and skill and this line has received a much needed boost in both categories. From the start of the game the line was getting constant penetration on almost
Jason Hatcher was getting constant
pressure and penetration against
the Rams.
every play. The run defense is only giving up an average of  70 yards a game along with creating pressure when teams are forced into 3rd and longs and getting off the field. That is a key factor of why the offense is averaging 37 mins of time of possession. Keep this rotation fresh and healthy and it will be a long season for opposing Qb's and offensive lines. Grade: B+

Linebackers: In the immortal words of London Fletcher "The linebackers have been setting the tone" with solid coverage, hard hitting, and sideline to sideline pursuit. Namely Keenan Robinson, who in his second season at starting ILB and defensive play caller has begun to have his
If Keenan keeps playing at this level, he
may be looking at his 1st Pro Bowl  at the
end of the season.
name mentioned as up and coming linebackers to look out for. The play Robinson made in the 3rd quarter on a reverse to Stedman Bailey helped swing the momentum back to the Redskins. He read the play, recognized it then had the speed and athleticism to catch him for minimum gain if any gain at all. Perry Riley even made an impact blowing up the tight end Jaron Cook on a 3rd and short in the 3rd quarter to force a 3 and out. Ryan Kerrigan is getting constant pressure but hasn't been able to get his first sack of the season yet. Being that he missed all of preseason recovering from minor surgery, I'm sure he'll get it going Thursday night against the Giants. The only knock on this unit it lack of turnovers when it's there for the taking. Grade:B

Secondary: With this unit suffering from injuries and suspensions no one knew what to expect from this speedy St.Louis offense. Well 150 yards passing says it all. Along with the pressure from the front seven the coverage of the secondary was pretty damn good. They did have the one
D Hall has been bit by the injury bug,
but that hasn't stopped him from still
being the quality leader and defender
for this defense.
miscue that led to the lone touchdown for the Rams, but other than that the coverage was pretty solid. I saw plenty of communication from the safety Dashon Goldson, which is key to the success of  any unit. Now with Chris Culliver coming back from suspension it will be interesting who the team cuts to make room. For the fans that don't know why the team is shuffling players from practice squad to active roster is because you can only have 53 on the roster. If someone comes back then someone has to go,plain and simple. Every NFL team has to abide by this. If the front seven can continue to play at this high level or increase it, it wont matter who's in the secondary. The quarterback wont have enough time to get the ball off. Grade: C+

  Overall I can't remember giving higher grades since that great 2012 playoff run. If Kirk continues to take care of the ball, the running game continues to pound defenses and offensive line steadily gels and gain more chemistry. The defense keeps causing havoc, getting constant pressure and force some turnovers to give the offense a short field and the state of the NFC East. I maybe forced to eat my words saying that this team is not a playoff team. It's way too early to be talking playoffs but Tony Romo and Dez Bryant out for the foreseeable future. The Giant and Eagles 0-2 with a huge match up Thursday night, if the Redskins can put together another solid 60 mins of quality football. We can put the Giants in a deep hole and start making a legit plan for a run at the playoffs. I know it's best case scenario...but why not talk about some positive possibilities instead of all the negative spread by other media outlets. As always #HTTR. You can follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio or on Facebook Carroll Porter III. Feel free to inbox, direct message or comment any questions, thoughts for topics of discussion or just to talk sports in general. If any local residents are interested in volunteering at FedEx Field during games for community service hours or just because. Check out the flyer below.  Hail and enjoy #VictoryMonday #BeatTheGiants

Monday, August 17, 2015

RGIII Watch (Redskins @Browns)

(Is RGIII improving and can the fans handle it? Image Via)
So, it's been a few days. People have had a chance to watch the game, panic and settle down and now it's time to look back at The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the Redskins first preseason game of the 2015 season.

Before we start the GBU (which will be my next post), I need to focus in on RGIII again. There was a TON of sports talk driven commentary on whether RGIII shown any improvement and whether Kirk Cousins (who did look great on Thursday) should be put back into the running as a potential starter in week one after the game last Thursday. So, this article is dedicated only to the breakdown of RGIII's passes and his run for a 1st down.

So Robert was 4/8 for 36 yards. The stats don't look that great, but at this moment that isn't really an issue. So lets look at each pass attempt and see what did (or didn't) happen.

#1) 3-5-WAS 25 (13:48) (Shotgun) 10-R.Griffin pass short right to 14-R.Grant to WAS 34 for 9 yards (21-J.Gilbert).

It was a 3rd down and RGIII completed a short crossing pattern to Ryan Grant. Grant ran a good route to get beyond the five yards needed. Griffin's pass was slightly behind Grant, but on target enough that Grant didn't need to stop or reach back to grab the pass.

#2) 2-5-WAS 39 (12:38) 10-R.Griffin pass incomplete deep left to 88-P.Garcon.

Based  on Garcon's head movement and body position, it looks like the route was meant to go inside on his right shoulder. The pass, while accurate to location, was more towards the sideline on Garcon's left shoulder. Did Robert adjust his throw for the safety in the middle of the field? I don't know because I don't know the original route/play call. Was Robert a bit late on the pass? Yes. Should Pierre have caught the pass anyway?  Yes. What would have been interesting is how the vibe in DC would have been if Garcon had caught the ball. Fair to say Robert's stats would have been more like 5/7, 97 yards and a TD.

#3) 3-5-WAS 39 (12:31) (Shotgun) 10-R.Griffin pass incomplete short left to 85-E.Spencer.

This was the pass I had the biggest issue with during Robert's performance. It was a short timing route that either was some miscommunication with rookie WR Evan Spencer or Griffin was way off on the pass. This type of error could lead to an easy INT and TD return.

#4) 2-7-WAS 23 (6:24) 10-R.Griffin pass short right to 14-R.Grant to WAS 28 for 5 yards (22-T.Williams).

Looks like same route that worked on Robert's 1st pass. Looks like Jay wants Robert to work on certain things......

#5)  2-8-WAS 33 (4:35) 10-R.Griffin pass deep left to 14-R.Grant to CLE 45 for 22 yards (31-D.Whitner) [99-P.Kruger].

This was Robert's best pass of the night but not because of the yardage. Robert ran a bootleg to his left (something he's had problems with in 2013-2014) and despite taking a shot, throws a bullet to Ryan Grant. It's not ideal for Robert to get planted on a throw, but he kept his eyes downfield and was able to hit Grant on the run while running to his left.

#6) 3-1-CLE 36 (2:44) 10-R.Griffin pass short right to 36-D.Young to CLE 36 for no gain (56-K.Dansby).

The old Spider 2 Y Banana  play. Looks like Robert got the ball out pretty quickly but unfortunately Cleveland had good penetration and did a good job in man coverage to hit Young behind the line of scrimmage for no gain.

#7)  2-6-CLE 14 (:42) 10-R.Griffin pass incomplete short left to 88-P.Garcon.

On Robert's final two passes of the night, it looks like Jay Gruden was looking to work on one of the weaker elements of RGIII's game: the fade route. On this play Garcon was able to get separation with the CB but the ball went more to the sideline instead of the corner.

#8)  3-6-CLE 14 (:39) (Shotgun) 10-R.Griffin pass incomplete short left to 88-P.Garcon [36-K.Williams].

2nd fade attempt. This was thrown more to the designed spot but the coverage on Garcon was better and Robert had to basically throw the ball away. While neither pass was that terrific, at least both balls were thrown that only the WR could make the play or no one could.

I also want to talk about the following play:

3-2-WAS 28 (5:50) (Shotgun) 10-R.Griffin scrambles right guard to WAS 31 for 3 yards (56-K.Dansby).

This is a good play to look at with Robert's view of open receivers and his growth. From watching the game live Robert takes the snap looks, sees no one open and runs three yards for a 1st down. He even shifts his body into a position where he doesn't take a major hit as he goes down. Overall good play. However, CSN's Trevor Mattich did notice that had Griffin waited a moment more there were times that Grant and Garcon were open. Ideally, you want the QB to avoid taking a hit and throw, but in this case he got the 1st down. It's hard to argue that he should have not used his legs here.

Final Thoughts

It's the 1st preseason game, so barring something terribly awful, RGIII's job was never up for grabs. The good news is that Robert has shown improvement compared to last year and arguably looked better in this game vs. the Browns than in any game he played in during 2014 (maybe the Jacksonville game being a lone exception). Robert looks more comfortable when he is taking snaps from under center and there is a clear confidence when he is working in the pocket.

Is RGIII there yet? I don't think so. He still needs to improve upon his touch on fades, he needs to develop better timing with his receivers and be ready to read more exotic defenses and know how to counter them. But so far, so good. Hopefully Robert can take advantage of the next few games and continue to improve upon his skills.

Now is not the time to panic, now is the time to see if the Redskins and RGIII can get ready to succeed for the first time since 2012.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Observations of the Washington Redskins Vs Cleveland Browns Preseason Game


    Hail Redskins Nation!!!!! Football season is finally upon us with the start of the 2015 preseason. After re-watching the game to fully observe Robert Griffin III and his progression in becoming a complete NFL quarterback, I feel like he's only going to get better as the season progresses.
The development of RGIII is crucial to his success and
ultimately the Redskins also.
The injury bug has hit the team big time especially at one specific position, tight ends. Niles Paul out for the season wit a dislocated ankle and fractured leg, Logan Paulsen is set to have season ending toe surgery for turf toe and Jordan Reed is well...Jordan Reed. Fans have been calling for the re-signing of Chris Cooley. My personal feeling is that any extended time out of the NFL has helped no one. Now if he was still playing, then possibly I might have given him a shot. Since he's been broadcasting since he left the team, I honestly can't see the team signing him. Here's my observations by position group (with so many bodies in training camp) :

Quarterback:  With all three quarterbacks staying turnover free and for the most part stayed clean, I like the way all three played. Looked like they had control of the playbook, knew where the ball has to go and got it out quickly for the most part. Besides the one drop by Pierre on the first series, the offense looked somewhat smooth and efficient. For the first game of the preseason, I felt good about most of what I saw.

Mack Brown running hard, fighting for extra
yards and punishing defenders at the same time.

Running Back: With thr departure of Roy Helu Jr. (Oakland via free agent) I wasn't too sure about the position. After watching this game and even losing Silas Redd Jr. to a season ending knee injury, this backfield is deep and talented. Even though all Alfred Morris's backups have limited to no NFL experience, once they got in the game they were determined to show that they belong in the NFL. They all ran physical, tough and with a purpose.

Wide Receiver: Once again we are deep at this position during the preseason. Looking for that unknown game changer to help make this offense become more potent and deadly. With DeSean Jackson sidelined with a sprained AC joint, the WR corp still looked effective without its biggest deep threat. The X factor is the rookie Jamison Crowder out of Duke. He's impressed in camp so far but a slight hamstring injury kept him out vs Cleveland. The team says he should be available this week.

Tight End: Already spoke about the injury situation. Too many injuries to even give any type of observation, other then get bodies in camp as soon as possible. Jordan Reed is gonna have to step it up big time this season by stay healthy and finally becoming the consistent playmaker the team needs him to be. (Update as of 5;50pm 8/16/15) The team has signed D.J. Williams after a workout. At 6 ft 2 inches 245 lbs he has good size, he was with Tampa bay last season but didn't get on the field.

The no. 5 pick feels more comfortable at RG to start his career.
Which could be good for him and the O-line this season and
Offensive Line: This unit needed to be the most improved and from the looks of things by mid just may be. With the hiring of Bill Callahan as the new offensive line coach seems to be paying dividends already. The addition of a 6 ft 5 inch 319 lbs rookie Brandon Scherff at right guard doesn't hurt either. With Brandon at RG and Morgan Moses at RT there should be holes open on the right side and left this year. As long as everyone stays healthy and they continue to mess as a unit this could become a very physical mauling line. Better protection, better running game equals better offense as a whole. Trent Williams has lost 30 lbs. and looks like he's ready to have another pro bowl type season.

Defensive Line: This line has also gotten younger, bigger and more physical from last year. the same goes for this line that said for the O-line. The defense will only be as good as this unit. With two new pieces on the D-line this preseason is gonna be vital for them to mesh and gain chemistry. I saw some good penetration, holding of point of attack and a more aggressive pass rush. If they can learn each others tendencies and use it to their advantage...well as Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton said " We're gonna be the hammer and not the nail". I love that saying. Very real and true statement. In order for this team to become better we have to force the action instead of always reacting.

Perry Riley Jr. is a consistent player but for this defense to be
as effective as possible plays need to be made and he just hasn't
made any yet.

Linebacker: To me this position has gotten upgraded the most with the additions of  Junior Galette, Rick Jean Francois and the rookie Preston Smith. I feel comfortable saying that we should be able to get better constant and steady pressure on opposing QBs. I love Perry Riley Jr. but he has limited ball skills and rarely makes a game changing play, if ever. I love Will Compton's motor, skills and heart. I believe if he gets another opportunity to start at ILB in 2015 I don't think he'll be coming out again.  This unit looked solid for the most part at getting pressure, setting the edge and stopping the run which are keys to success in the NFL.

Secondary: With the back end of the defense so banged up (as of today 5:20 pm 8/16/15) DeAngelo Hall went down at practice again. It's hard to even give an effective observation with all the changes. They even have a WR Quinton Dunbar playing CB and he actually did ok. He did get beat on a slant route for a first down but that just tells you how thin we are right now. Once everything and everybody works itself out this whole defense could and should be much improved this year as opposed to last. As of right now the safety position is set at one spot, Dashon Goldston seems to have taken the lead in the competition. He has good ballhawking skills and loves to hit. He has a nasty streak and that is something this defense/team desperately needs.

   As always thanks for reading and stay tuned for more articles, game recaps and insights on the Redskins. You can follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio or friend request me on Facebook @ PorterIII. Always love talking football with the best fans in the world. HTTR