Monday, October 12, 2015

Week Five: 10 Observations Of The Redskins Vs Falcons

Despite a lights out performance by the defense, ( Bashaud Breeland especially) the Redskins came up short in a badly coached yet well played game. Coach Gruden made some head scratching playcalls yesterday that had more to do with the loss then the untimely second interception of the game in overtime by Kirk Cousins.
 Hail RedskinsNation!!!! After a well played, questionably coached game the Redskins loss a heart breaker to the Falcons in overtime. Kirk Cousins had a bad game at quarterback after the well played comeback victory performance from a week ago. Constantly throwing behind receivers in traffic, throwing too high to receivers when they were wide open and making bad decisions rounded out his bad. On the good side, he's still showing command of the offense and the huddle, has a great tempo and rhythm going, and he is progressing with every start. The only problem is with the progression, he sometimes regresses like he did yesterday with some of his decision making. The one play (besides the game ending int) that showed this to me the most was the first interception. After several failed attempts at getting Pierre Garcon the ball, Kirk once again forced a ball to Pierre on a 3rd and 10 play. Difference this time is if he would've hit his hot read (Chris Thompson) with the pressure coming Thompson, who had open field and a LB on him that almost certainly wouldn't have been able to stop the eventual 1st down. Against one of the more potent offenses in the NFL, this defense held it's own and made a statement. With both starting cornerbacks out, everyone just knew that the Falcons would be able to throw the ball up and down the field all day. Well Bashaud Breeland and Will Blackmon had something to say about that, and proved next man up is alive and well in the Washington locker room....finally. Now to my 10 observations:

 Kirk Cousins has to improve  his accuracy beyond 15 yards, consistency of ball placement, decision making, when and how far to lead a receiver. I've stated several times this season that he's constantly leaving yards and points on the field, and yesterday's game was a prime example of it.

  Coach has to get the running game going with better play selection and consistency of sticking with the run. Once again more passes then rushes and in a close game no less. I can understand if the Redskins were behind the whole game and had to throw but we had the lead for most of the game. In our two victories we had over 25 rushing attempts. This loss 24 rushes 32 passes.

 With Jordan Reed sidelined with concussion symptoms, if would be smart to start using two running back sets with Chris Thompson as the constant. He creates mismatches and will take the key off of the other running back and allow more room in the box for Alfred and Matt to do their thing. (New nickname for the trio is PSP Power-Speed-Patience) With DeSean Jackson out it makes it even easier for defenses to drop the 8th man down in the box to stop the run. The two back approach and better utilization of the screen game will help open running lanes too.

 I understand Jay Gruden is still learning on the job in his second season but some of his play calls and selection are truly head scratchers. The pass happy approach is okay when needed but running the ball is what got us the two wins so far this season and will lead to more victories. He also has to start making quicker and better adjustments to counter what the defense does or is doing to slow the offense. Not expecting perfection but progression, just like Kirk he seems to regress some weekly also.


 Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry has the defense rallying to the ball, hitting hard, making solid tackles, getting off the field on third downs and finally creating some turnovers. This up and coming
defensive unit has a new attitude, nastiness and aggressiveness that has been missing for a long time. I believe Bashaun Breeland will be a top notch shutdown corner in this league.

  Even though there's only one healthy starter left in the secondary that started week 1 (Dashon Goldston). The secondary with back up players starting, two weeks in a row have helped shut down two potent and dangerous offenses. With the pressure from the front seven and solid coverage by the back end, this defense could definitely be a top 10 unit. I said in a precious article that the defense would be the key to this teams success and it's looking like that will be the storyline of this season.

 Once again the young guys on the roster are stepping up and making play after play, which is a great sign for this organization. With Scot McCloughan at the helm with all player decisions this team is in good hands. The attitude, mentality, fight and overall talent level has improved immensely. Player development has been a issue here for a while, It's refreshing to see a change in a positive direction, hopefully this continues for years to come.


  With the emergence of Jamison Crowder, it's a safe bet to make that Andre Roberts Redskins career will be over at the end of the season. His deal he signed just two short years ago was front loaded wit guaranteed money and the option to cut after two years with minimum cap hit. Crowder is making an impact on special teams along with the WR corp. This kid is making  name for himself. Making good decisions on special teams, grabbing big third down catches, or just giving that extra effort on every play trying to do something to help this team win.

     I don't like complaining about officiating  but the NFL has got to do something about consistency of penalty calls. Have to call the game fair, consistent and equal for all involved. Two weeks in a row our defenders have been hit with unnecessary roughness penalties for what I'd say should've been no calls. Referees influence should be limited but a bad call here and a missed call there changes the whole complexion of the game. Down, distance, field position, play call, time of possession etc etc.  The only solution they have now is a letter on Tuesday morning saying we screwed up. Now that doesn't help that team or that coach but we the fans are supposed to consider this game fair and equal.

  My last observation/question still has me wondering and want to reach out to a league official. I recall the rule had been modified a few years back regarding fumbles and recoveries of them. Stating that in order for a fumble to be advanced by the recovering team (If the offense that turned it over) the player that fumbled it has to recover it in order to advance it. If that's the new rule how is it that Devante Freeman clearly fumbled on the 5 yard line yet Julio Jones was allowed to recover the ball for a touchdown?

 Next week another tough matchup out of the AFC East, the hard hitting (3-1) New York Jets. This will be another interesting game. The Jets once again have a potent defense but this year the offense is making steps in the right direction. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall, and Chris Ivory are the catalyst to this up and coming offense that has other weapons too. Our defense must show up again and have a multi sack, mutli turnover game to help the inconsistent offense. Another game that will no doubt come down to who has the ball last.

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Urban Sports Scene said...

Gruden definitely was to blame. Also Barry was too conservative down the stretch

@TattooedScorpio said...

Well the pressure wasn't getting there consistently enough and had to switch up to counter the PA they were doing since they were having success running the ball late. Plus u have to remember this was the 1st time the defense had been on the field for more them 20 mins. It's week 5 and 1st time they had to stretch their lungs and got winded. This is gonna be our season. Gonna find ways to win some (philly last week) and gonna come up short sometimes like this game. Thx for reading #HTTR

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