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Week Six: 10 Observations Of The Redskins Vs Jets Game

After six weeks starting at Qb, Kirk Cousins has eight ints and six touchdowns. His ball placement was terrible for the second week straight and he's still trying to force the ball into tight spots. I'm not sure how much longer Coach Gruden can justify not making a quarterback change.
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 Hail RedskinsNation!!!!! Another week in the NFL schedule but it sure looked and felt like last week to me. Once again another lights out performance by the defense until they were unable to dig any deeper to continue stopping their opponent. Two weeks in a row the defense has put the offense in ideal positions to blow games wide open but it just hasn't worked out that way. It was already a tough match up on the road against a tough defense. Add in basically a rookie offensive line and 2 out of 3 of your main offensive play makers sidelined. Kirk's int's and the offense just plain ineffectiveness helps kill the defense faster than the opponent . The most upsetting thing is our 3rd quarter performances all year. The Redskins are being outscored 46-3 in the 3rd and that's supposed to be after adjustments are made. I don't know if Gruden is calling all the plays but it might be time to let Sean McVay take over some of the play calling duties. One of a few bright spots for the team was a blocked punt for TD by the constantly improving special teams unit. No one talks about this unit until they screw up but you have to give credit to Coach Kotwica and his assistants for getting these guys
Another stellar game for Breeland. He keeps this up he will make the
Pro Bowl and possibly 2nd team All Pro defense in his 2nd season.
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up and ready. Joe Barry also deserves credit with all the injuries they still are playing at a high level. I know I spotlight him every week but every week he"s doing outstanding things trying to help this team win. It's second year standout, shutdown cornerback Bashaud Breeland. In the game he had 2 passes defended 2 fumble recoveries 4 tackles (3 solo) and a top 10 worthy int late in the game. This kid is gonna be something special for us for years to come. Now to my observations:

  For two weeks in a row the defense has produced three turnovers (six in the last 2 games) and have only scored 16 points ( not sure if the blocked punt for TD counted as a turnover) off of those turnovers. Have to start getting 7 instead of  settling for 3. With DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed on the mend there return should open things up for this offense especially in the red zone.

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  The front seven has been playing well for the most part but there are stretches where a big play needs to be made and this unit can help in that area. Need to cause a turnover or a big sack to stop momentum by the other team. I feel that will be coming soon with the D line getting more and more familiar with each other.

  All the points that were scored yesterday were scored off of turnovers, which is a good thing but also not a good thing. What gets missed is that the offense didn't produce any points based off of their ability to drive the ball. That should be a red flag for any offense. Jay needs to listen to some of his assistants for some advice and learn to mix up his play calls better.

 The trick play attempted in the third quarter was a good idea at the time to try and catch the defense off guard but execution was ruined this play. He has to start mixing up his play calls more and using more misdirection, especially with all the injuries on offense.

  I've been speaking about Kirk's ball placement the last three weeks. Now it's to the point where he's getting receivers hurt or in a position to get hurt. By him not leading them out of danger with his passes sometimes he leads them to it. When he is putting the ball on the inside shoulder instead of the outside shoulder or throwing behind the receiver instead of in front when he has nothing but open field in front of him.

  An encouraging sign is the reduction in penalties over the last few games. The team didn't get an accepted  penalty against them until the middle of the fourth quarter. That"s very impressive being that the previous games were all double digit penalty games except for the St. Louis game.

  I'm not understanding Jay only giving Alfred Morris the ball 11 times and on top of that is reluctant to use Darrel Young, one of the best all around fullbacks in the NFL. Instead of 3 WRs 2 TEs and 1 RB which leaves Morris one on one in the hole. We all know Morris is a north south runner with power but doesn't have the moves to make someone miss. So instead of lining up with 2 WRs 2 TEs and 2 RBs then you have more balance and a blocking back to enable Morris to make one cut and go which is what he excels at.

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 Jamison Crowder is making plays week in and week out and by doing so he's increased his playing time. With his speed and quickness he can be a real attribute in the slot when DeSean Jackson comes back. Once the defenses will have to key more on D Jax then other things will open up elsewhere in the passing and running game. This rookie is making his presence felt on offense and special teams. I still believe that he is the reason Andre Roberts will be cut at the end of the season.

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 Looking to get more pass rush generated, I think it's time to put Preston Smith in the starting lineup. Trent Murphy, I thought had turned the corner with his play a few weeks back. Since that game he
has disappeared again. Ryan Kerrigan can't wreak havoc on his side if the opposite linebacker isn't getting any push. More pressure leads to more turnovers which leads to more points (hopefully touchdowns in the future) which leads to victories.

  One of the under the radar moves made early this season was the signing of kicker Dustin Hopkins after the team cut Kai Forbath. We loved Kai's accuracy but his leg strength on kickoffs was a problem from day one and ultimately sealed his fate. Ironically Forbath was just signed to the New Orleans Saints today after they cut the ex redskins 2014 draft pick Zach Hocker earlier in the week. Dustin has came in and not missed a beat connecting on 9 out of 10 attempts with a long of 54 yards. His kickoffs are always deep and mostly out of the end zone. Just another piece to the special teams unit that is finally showing improvement, getting better field position and scoring points.

  Next week we have a interesting match up with the (2-3)Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the #1 pick quarterback Jameis Winston. Not knowing the situation with the secondary right now this is gonna be a tough matchup. Tampa has the biggest WRs ,TE combination with Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins.  All three are 6'5" and are extremely hard to bring down after making the catch. Plus Doug Martin is playing like he did in his standout rookie season of 2012. The Redskins defense should have another multiple turnover day with the rookie under center. Winston has seven int's this season and 2 returned for TDs. The defense could help motivate the offense if they're able to put some points on the board.

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