Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Mid-Season Thoughts Pt.1: Awards

(Cheer up coach, The Redskins are right where I thought they'd be.)
Hey folks, FedEx Al here.
I thought now would be a good time to jump back onto the blog and look at the 2015 Redskins so far and where I think the team is headed for the remainder of the season and into 2016.

Remember, back in June I predicted the Redskins to go 6-10 and after the first eight games, the team is on course to achieve that record. Now there has been plenty of ups and downs already and a lot of frustration because I feel that the team could have played better and possibly won 2-3 of those five losses. But, despite all of those fan feelings, the team is right where I expected them to be which overall isn't a bad thing.

I have plenty to write about when it comes to the team, but let's start off and give out some mid-season MVPs

(If only he could stay healthy for 16 games. Photo: Alex Brandon via Newsday)

MVP Offense: Jordan Reed
Reed is still not the best run blocker, but at least he has made an effort to improve in that area and it has shown. What Reed is known for though is being a pass catching machine. The Redskins offense is much different with him in the game and it gives Kirk Cousins a good target to find open on a regular basis.

Reed's only problem remains that he gets injured to the point that many fans consider him just being a bonus if he's active on game days. It would have been really nice to seen what Niles Paul could have done this season alongside Reed.

(Swaggy!!!!! Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP/via Washington Times)

MVP Defense: Chris Baker
In previous seasons I got annoyed by Baker's celebrations. The reason is that he didn't finish plays. Dancing while there's a loose ball or if a player is still not tackled drives me crazy (to be fair he's not the only player in the NFL to do this). In 2015 though, Baker has really evolved into a team leader who makes plays, finishes them and then celebrates. Baker won a starting job this year and has proven that it's going to be very hard for another player to take it away from him.

(Could Hopkins be the 2015 'Skins best free agent? Photo via

MVP Special Teams: Dustin Hopkins
I think both the team and the fan base has a great deal of respect for Kai Forbath. I think despite letting him go, we still do. Forbath was incredibly accurate from  the 45yd. range and he could hit FGs that went into the lower 50 yd. range. That said, his kickoffs were terrible.

In many cases, that would be ok if the Redskins had a decent kick coverage team but they really don't. Matter of fact, the Redskins have one of the weaker coverage units in the league. So, the team made a change and brought in Dustin Hopkins, the kicker who lost the Saints kicking job to Zach Hocker.......the former Redskins draft pick who lost to Forbath for the Redskins kicker position.

Hopkins not only can kick FGs, but now can generate touchbacks, something the team desperately needed and has a knack of making successful onside kicks.

So, the awards have been given out. Now it's time to crack open this franchise and look at its parts, piece by piece.

Part 2 will look at the front office and if Scot McCloughan is having an effect on the team.

Part 3 will look at the coaching, both the good and the bad.

Part 4 will tackle one of the most annoying debates I've had to deal with as a Redskins fan/blogger.

Part 5 will look at the current roster, the injuries, the cap and who will (or won't) be back next season.

Part 6 will end with a final game by game season prediction and a brief look at the 2016 draft.

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Hail to the Redskins!

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