Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quick Prediction Redskins vs. Giants

I am unlike a lot of Redskin fans......I really despise the Giants. Most Redskin fans consider the Giants their 3rd hated rivalry behind the likes of the Cowboys and Eagles. It's understandable as the Cowboys are our "classic" rivals and that many* in their fanbase are obnoxious bandwagon fans who don't even realize that Dallas is in the state of Texas. The Eagles I also get. I have many friends, co-workers and associates that are Eagles fans and are fine by themselves, but you get a group* of Eagles fans together and it's like a pack of hyenas. They'd give their grandmother the finger during an Eagles game.

But, I can't stand the Giants. I'm sick of their smugness. I'm sick of John Mara and how he seems to control Roger Goodell like he's his personal Muppet. I can never forgive Mara for the events of Capgate and his "spirit of the game" comments, despite the NFL violating the uncapped year rules and colluding to keep the salary cap down. I also can't stand Eli Manning and his having a bitch fit because he was drafted by the Chargers, so his daddy and the NFL got him sent to NY.

The 'Skins are playing the Giants today and it's time for a prediction.
The 'Skins have really stunk it up against the G-Men as of late. I'm torn here and it's time to give you what my head and heart are telling me.

Head says: I've had this as a loss for awhile. Matter of fact, I saw the Redskins at the mid-way point to be 3-5, they lose to the Pats (duh) and then go 1-2 in their next three. So far, I've been dead on. I expect a typical crappy Redskins performance and a typical blowout type of loss.

Heart says: This is the game they turn things around. Beat the Giants and with exception to the Bears and Bills, the 'Skins could win the remaining games on the schedule (Cowboys, Eagles). At worst, with a Giants win, I see the Redskins going 4-2 down the stretch. An 8-8 season and the NFC East could easily be there for the taking. They will win today.

I trust my head here more than my heart, but you never know.

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