Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saints @ Redskins Game Preview/Prediction

(Can Ryan Kerrigan step up and have a big game against Brees? Photo: Derick Hingle/US Presswire)
So, I had a six part mid-season breakdown that I wanted to get out this week and well.... life happened. Currently, I'm in the middle of part two of the series and I hope I will have the remaining posts out within the next two weeks.


I was going to make a prediction about this game in part 6 of the breakdown, but since the game is on in just a few hours I figured I'd need to make a quick prediction.

So, I think this game will be one of the 3-4 games that I think the 'Skins will win in the remainder of the 2015 season.

Here's why:
- Drew Brees is not nearly as good outdoors than he is indoors. Brees will have a decent game nonetheless, but I think will be more likely to miss a key deep pass or get picked off at some point in the game.

- Jay Gruden actually has a decent record at FedEx. His teams are 6-6 at home, 1-11 on the road. Could Gruden actually have a winning home record after Sunday?

- The Redskins may have most of their starters back. With exception of the OL, the team seems to finally be getting healthy. For the first time all season, the Redskins may have their top three CBs active and healthy. DeSean Jackson may finally at 100%.

- The run game may be able to work this week. The Saints defense may be even worse than the Redskins in stopping the run. If Matt Jones or Alfred Morris don't get 100 yards this week I would be really concerned.

- Rashad Ross and the kick off return team might have a chance to break another big run as the 'Skins will be facing Kai Forbath this week. While I still like Forbath, we all can admit Forbath's weakness is his kickoffs.

This may not be a critical as the "Code Red" game at home vs. Tampa Bay, but it's pretty close. I have a feeling that this will also be another nail biting, frustration game for the fans. That said, I expect that Kirk Cousins will lead the team down the field on the final drive to win with no time remaining.

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