Sunday, April 3, 2016

So, I'm Back To Writing.......For Now

(Me on a normal day on my "computer" commenting on Twitter.)

Ok, so I'm back.........

Well, sort of. I was outside fixing a wheelbarrow of all things and decided I should be writing about the Redskins again.

I'm not really sure why, but, well, here I am.

I had a major announcement I wanted to say about IIWII but I wanted to finish some stuff first and well..... those articles never came about. it goes......

IIWII and myself were going to call it a day. I hadn't gotten around to telling Tattooed Scorpio yet, but since I'm back..... well, I guess I don't have to make that call/email.

Anyway, I feel like I should do a few articles on some Redskins stuff and we'll go from there. I'm not saying I'll be back to doing a lot of posts but we'll see if I feel like continuing this or letting other bloggers ramble instead of me.

So, if you missed me- I'M BACK! and if you didn't, well then you're probably not reading this anyway, so who cares.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime if you like sarcasm, occasional political ramblings and some commentary on the Redskins, Nationals and lots of beer check my Twitter @IIWIISkinsBlog

Don't forget about my co-writer @TattooedScorpio
Check it---- he's got his own podcast now Sports on the Hill @SportsOTHP

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