Monday, September 19, 2016

Week Two: 10 Observations Of The Redskins Vs Dallas


  Hail RedskinsNation. Been a while since my last article and I hate to comeback to writing with a loss to the Cowboys....yet here we are. Been a rough start to the 2016 season but not time to blow up the ship and start from scratch. After breaking down the film they're some good signs along with the bad.  Week 3 versus the Giants can and should be considered a must win, and I hope Scot McCloughan is on the phone with Terrence "Pot Roast" Knighton today. The improved secondary and the money that the team is paying Josh Norman means nothing without pass rush, pressure and collapsing the pocket. To answer all the questions about the DBs not following receivers around the field, the Redskins run a high percentage of zone coverage. That means the players are responsible for areas on the field and not personnel. If you have been listening to our show Sports On The Hill Podcast on Monday nights from 7pm-9pm you would have heard my concerns about not having a true NT. In order to have a effective 3-4 defense your NT must be able to get pressure, occupy blockers and collapse the pocket. At present the team has no one that can do this on the current roster and I don't understand with him available, why the team hasn't signed him. That's for another article on another day. Let's get to my breakdown and observations of this latest loss.

 Jay Gruden's offense has to wake up and play before the second quarter. It's been a issue for most of his tenure and must improve. Think it's time for Jay to finally adjust his playbook to his players instead of trying to make his players adjust to his playbook and play calling. I believe Jay is handcuffing Sean McVay in his play calling trying to force his game plan. As might be the same for Joe Barry and the defense.

Kirk has to get his ball placement better to keep the chains moving and take advantage of what the defense is giving him. Too many yards and points left on the field....especially early in games.

Matt Jones looks like he's finally starting to get his legs back after missing the last three weeks of preseason with a shoulder strain. His touchdown run was a mix of vision, speed, and desire to get the end zone. I still would like to see Robert Kelly activated on gameday. Jay Gruden has to learn to stick with the run and make quicker in game adjustments..The running backs only get more effective the more touches they get.

  Kory Lichensteiger is becoming a bigger and bigger liability. Not just getting pushed into the backfield but now penalties. His strength was supposed to be his football IQ...didn't seem like it yesterday. This time his penalties and lapses were at a very critical point in the game. I think some centers need to be bought in since we don't have any other center on the roster.

 The offense seems to be opening up some even tho DeSean Jackson only had six targets for the whole game. Kirk got the ball to 10 different targets but his inaccuracy at the wrong time has to end. In order for this offense to be as explosive as expected and this team to be successful Kirk has to improve starting week 3 vs (2-0) New York Giants.

I noticed that Joe Barry has started switching the OLB's around on the line and in the formations.
This is a change for the LOLB position. Since the Redskins have switched to a 3-4 the LOLB always lined up over the LT and Ryan Kerrigan would be moved to different positions around the line. Yet I  saw Preston Smith and Trent Murphy line up in different positions on the line to cause confusion and created pressure. The team had 4 sacks and Trent Murphy with 1.5. For the second week in a row Preston Smith made a impact in the game more then the stat sheet shows. Can't wait until the team figures out the NT position so he can have more one on one match ups.

 The ILB's are playing well, racking up a lot of tackles but haven't been as effective as the team would like right now. Both Will Compton and Mason Foster have double digit tackle games but the team needs more. Turnovers are key in a 3-4 defense and those two have to learn to create turnovers and give the offense a short field. Unfortunately the turnovers the defense have forced have only resulted in FGs in the first two weeks of the season. But have to keep creating them.

 The secondary are learning each other and becoming comfortable with each other. The narrative that Bashaud Breeland has lost confidence or getting  burned is totally wrong in my opinion. Dez Bryant had a good game but he didn't score and had flashes in the game but wasn't as big as the commentators or fans would have u believe. The team has drafted defense heavy for the first time in a
long time and the team is building through the draft to improve the speed, size and talent level of this unit that has been in much need of that for so many years. The same way it took talented players and time to build the offense it will take time to build up a good defense.

 Both sides of the ball has to improve execution on the field and in the meeting rooms. The slow starts and penalties are killing the team and making it a uphill battle when trying to comeback all the time. The defense has to force timely turnovers and find a way to get points to help this struggling red one offense. Also need to be more effective at getting teams off the field on long 3rd down situations. 3rd and 8 should be a stop short of the first or possible turnover.

 The two most consistent players on this team have been Dustin Hopkins and Tres Way. These special teams stand outs have been crucial in keeping the Redskins in games with their stellar and consistent play. These guys only get talked about when they screw up but I'm gonna give em credit when they're doing well also.

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