Saturday, March 11, 2017


This has been a long time coming I think and the events of the past couple of weeks finally made me get off my ass and decide to write a post.

It's time to say goodbye to It Is What It Is.

Now I could go on and rant about Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen, the end of Scot McCloughan's run as the Redskins GM, the Kirk Cousins contract mess and other things but I've said most of that already on my Twitter account and I don't feel like writing another 2-3 pages about power struggles and dysfunction.

The thing is that many Redskins fans have short memories. The Scot McCloughan saga is already being swept under the rug as people realize that Bruce Allen isn't going anywhere and that they might as well start to get ready to learn about the new free agents that will save the franchise (but probably leave us empty and hoping for the next group of saviors in 2018). You can only stay angry for so long before the 'Skins wave something new and shiny at you and all is forgiven........

Face it folks, DC is still a football city and despite other sports doing well in our Nation's Capital, it will remain so barring multiple championships being won by the Nationals, Capitals or Wizards.

Me on the other hand? I've just grown apathetic.

I'm a 1st generation Redskins fan. My mom grew up as a Baltimore Colts fan and then she rooted for the Dan Fouts Chargers. My dad wasn't really into pro football. I started watching the NFL in the early 80's and consider myself a Redskins fan no later than '85 or '86. One of my dreams as a kid was to get season tickets because watching RFK rock was amazing and it was damn near impossible to get tickets to a game.

I continued to try an catch every game that I could as I was growing up despite school and work taking a large portion of my free time.

In 1999, Dan Snyder bought the team. Snyder peaked my interest because he grew up a Redskins fan and was a young guy (in ownership age) when he bought the team. He also seemed to share the passion that I did for seeing the team being a annual contender. In 2001, I got to see my first ever live Redskins game and was hooked. Eventually, I purchased season tickets in 2004.

Also, during this time the internet was starting to really thrive with Redskins message boards and websites dedicated to what was going on with the team.

As time went on, things continued to sour. Poor moves by the team, coaching changes right and left and some very questionable policies made by the team towards its fans slowly started to turn me off. Again, there's no need to go into details. Go look them up yourself if you want.

By the end of the 2013 season, I had given up my season tickets. This blog that at one time I was writing almost 1-2 posts a day had fell into disarray and I had quit all of the 'Skins message boards to rant on Twitter.

There was hope though in 2015 as the team hired an actual football guy in McCloughan and I thought the franchise, it's team president and it's owner finally had figured out how to run a successful football operation. The team had back to back winning seasons in 2015 and 2016. While 9-7 and 8-7-1 aren't great records, this was the first time the Redskins had back to back winning seasons in 20 years.


And now here we are. Blame McCloughan's alcohol problem if you want but it seems like it was more ego than EtOH that ended this situation. Now the team has to rely on Bruce Allen to build the team. Allen, the son of one of the most loved Redskins coaches George Allen, will be always known as the man who was more satisfied with Redskins functions than Redskins football. "Winning off the field" will be his epitaph in DC while his father will always be remembered for "40 men together and you can't lose",  reviving  the rivalry with the Cowboys and making the team relevant on the football field.

It's not that losing Scot has made me mad. It's that I've finally come to the conclusion that the Redskins will probably never be much while Dan Snyder and his people (cronies is a better word) are running the team. Oh sure, we'll have a playoff appearance or two. We might even win one, like we did in 2005. The team will win the division every once in a while but it will not be anything substantial. And every 3-4 years (or less) something will come up and tear down everything that has built the team up. Still not understanding my point? Think RGIII and Mike Shanahan. 2010-2013 overall were pretty mediocre for the Redskins. Yet, 2012 the fans got excited. We went 10-6, won the division and went to the playoffs. Some fans are still living in the 2012 season, despite it's now 2017 and Shanahan and RGIII are both no longer on the roster (nor does either currently have a job in the NFL). You can now start to wonder when the Jay Gruden era is coming to an end? Sure, he was extended to 2020 but I wonder if another 6 win season will give him his pink slip despite being hired by Allen. Of course, this will be Jay's fault and not that of the team president or the owner.

There's still nothing wrong about being a Redskins fan. I consider myself still one. That said, I don't have to spend my money to go to games, buy and wear merchandise, spend hours on Twitter checking transactions or debating with fellow Redskins fans about the most stupid of topics. I now enter the world of casual fandom.

So what now?

Well, there are plenty of blogs out there that cover the Redskins and in some cases do a much better job than I ever did or could do with my time. So find them and check them out. I want to thank again the 12 or so constant readers of the site and all the folks that I've debated over the years on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, the IIWII account will probably be shut down in the next week or two as I set up my new account. I don't plan on leaving Twitter, I just plan on dropping off of Redskins Twitter (mostly) and there is no need to plug a blog that is done.

IIWII at least for the short term will remain up on Blogger. I want Tattooed Scorpio's stuff to remain available to read. I haven't talked to him about this but he is still welcomed to write if he wants and plug his stuff here if it helps his writing career.

So consider me officially retired as a Redskins blogger. Again, thank you for reading this or any of my posts. I hope you enjoyed them and if you didn't I hope you got something out of them.

This is The Burgundy Ghost......aka Walking Deadman signing off.