Sunday, August 20, 2017

Five Quick Takes From The Redskins Vs Packers Game

Preston Smith had one of the 5 sacks the defense had as a whole. The defense shows signs of improvement but penalties and miss tackles have to be cured before week 1 of the regular season. Pressure has to  be a point of emphasis if this team is going to be successful.

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  Hail RedskinsNation!!!! Another week of preseason is in the books and the results were the same as the first game, a loss but the team did show signs of improvement. We will discuss the game in detail on Sports On The Hill Podcast at 7pm est Monday night.  The call-in number is 347.884.9299 or you can stream it live:  Our Redskins coverage will start in the 8 o'clock hour. The team looked out of sync on offense from the start and the defense played well but missed a few key opportunities and had costly penalties. Aaron Rodgers gashed the defense with his arm, legs and field awareness. They're still pieces missing due to injury, learning a new scheme and misstackles.There is still work to do on this defense but I do see improvement. Fabian Moreau getting some extended play, Jamison Crowder and Josh Doctson getting their first chances to get their timing and chemistry with Kirk, and Martrell Spaight getting his first live action of the preseason, the depth is starting to show on this team. Now for Kirk Cousins, he's continuing to throw high even with the tallest WR corp this team has ever seen, he is making quick decisions and knows where to go with the ball. His ball location has always and will always be my knock on him. Putting the ball where it should be as opposed to just getting it out is the difference between a 5 yard gain or a 30 yard play to swing momentum in your favor or even a game changing score. Perfect example were the passes to Chris Thompson and Vernon Davis in the 2nd quarter. They were pin point accurate and on target, he could've led them a little more to gain separation.....but it's preseason and early. Once again I would like to thank all the fans, listeners, callers and contributors that help make SportsOTHP what it is today and take it where it's going. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SportsOTHP for all the latest videos and highlights from all the D.C sports teams you love. Let's get into my quick takes from this game:

The teams success is more important then the coaches ego or
inability to adjust his thought process and go with what works
for the team going forward.
Game planning: I totally understand Jay Gruden's philosophy on not game planning for a preseason game but just like the players need reps at the plays, the coach needs reps on making EFFECTIVE game plans. Other coaches game plan, why doesn't he feel it's an important aspect in coaching develoment. I've mentioned his in game adjustments need improving and I don't think with him having play calling duties now that he is going to improve in that aspect of his coaching as long as he's focusing on calling plays. His know it all attitude holds this team back in some aspects on the field. I hope Jay recognizes this and adjusts. This has been my main issue with Jay, his lack of adapting to the game and  waiting for halftime to make adjustments instead of making changes as soon as he can. If you noticed the same thing happened versus the Packers.

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Offense:  To add on to the game planning point, the offense is taking too long to get on track and be effective. Aaron Rodgers made the defense look foolish because of the in game adjustments made by the coach and the QB. Sometimes it seems that Kirk is being held back by the play calling, if he is the QB for this team going forward I believe it's time to give him the control of the offense like Rodgers has in GB. Kirk should have the ability to change plays or freely audible to a better play instead of having to call a timeout or call a play that he knows is gonna be ineffective. As always Jay has to get real about the run game, you have all this talent in the backfield but not using the talent to it's full potential. My last statement on the offense is......Shaun Lavauo needs to be retired.....if there isn't a left guard on this team ti replace him at this's time for a trade for a LG.

Front 7:  The front seven needed a upgrade and it looks like the team is on the right path to doing that. Having a true NT in Phil Taylor is gonna make this defense better just because of his understanding of the position, leverage and taking on the double sometime triple team to allow his teammates to wreck havoc.The rookie Johnathon Allen is looking to be a solid first round pick for the DL and the needs that needed to be filled, Nico Marley has been making a name for himself with his relentless motor and speed sideline to sideline and Chris Carter looked great getting to the QB for a sack and a half but has to stay smart and avoid the stupid penalties.

Special Teams: It's funny that fans only think about the special teams when they make a mistake or cost the team the game but it's time to start watching this unit. Last season I mentioned the strides Ben Kotwica has been making since he became the STs coach four seasons ago, when the unit was one of the worst in the league. The team drafting more defensive minded has also helped this unit because most of the best special teamers come from the defense unless you have a TE/WR named Niles Paul on your team. This unit forced a turnover after the offense sputtered on their opening drive and had some nice returns and held the Packers special teams in check. This unit will help this team win a game or two this year.

Backup Quarterback: We all know the QB situation with Kirk and the team but the back up QB job is just as important. Colt McCoy and Nate Sudfeld are competing for the back up spot and both have looked like they understand the offense and last week Nate showed that he has been learning under QB coach Matt Cavanaugh. Colt has been very efficient and moved the offense with ease, even tho it's against the back up units. Nate had s stronger arm, bigger, stronger and has a bigger upside but had a lot of learning and growing as a QB. Nate had a chance for a game winning drive but unfortunately couldn't get the offense on the scoreboard. He only had two drives and they were ineffective but the 3rd and last preseason games are more important for the 2nd year QB. Sudfeld should be getting the clean up duty in the 3rd game and possibly a whole half or more in the final preseason game. The next game is Sunday vs Cincinnati at 4:30pm. Dress rehearsal for the starters and they normally play 3 quarters of the game of this 3rd preseason game.

As I was writing this article a report just came out that Jordan Reed has been activated from the PUP list (toe) and will be practicing with the team this week and hopefully will play. Be sure to check out show Sports On The Hill Podcast Monday nights at 7pm est. You can call in and listen or ask any sports questions or make comments @347.884.9299 or go like our page and get the link to stream the show live on Monday's or listen at your convenience. You can follow me on Facebook @Carroll Porter III or on Twitter @TattooedScorpio/Carroll Porter or follow me on IG @icarrollporter. Stay tuned for more articles and sports content.#SportsOTHP #HTTR #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics#OurNetworkIsBetterThenYours#TruRadioNetwork

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Is Erick Fedde the pitcher the Nationals needed to solidify its staff?

Even though his numbers don't show it, Erick Fedde has pitched well despite facing two of the tougher lineups in the NL. The Rockies and the Cubs are top 5 in batting and runs, they're the two teams Fedde has faced in his first 2 starts.

 Welcome Nationals fans to my first official article talking Washington Nationals baseball. I'm a football guy but baseball has become one of my favorite sports to watch and talk about, so I figured why not write about my favorite team in the MLB. You can always tune in to Sports On The Hill Podcast every  Monday
night at 7pm est for our Nats coverage, breaking news and highlights. We've talked about the Nationals bullpen issues throughout the whole season. With Rizzo making trades with the Oakland A's and the Minnesota Twins in the last few weeks the backend of the bullpen looks formidable instead of dysfunctional. The key additions of Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle from the A's and Brandon Kintzler of the Twins have given the bullpen 3 options at closer and not to mention Koda Glover will be coming back off the DL soon. Besides the meltdown vs Miami earlier this week (losing a 6-0 lead when mad max left early) the bullpen has been stellar since the dust settled from the trade deadline.

 We all know when you fix one issue another will arise, well the health of the starters are now in question. Joe Ross out for season (tommy john), Stephen Strasburg (pinched nerve in elbow), and Max Scherzer (neck stiffness) have all went down in the last 6 weeks and has some fans and analyst a little worried. That brings up the rookie RHP Erick Fedde, one of the "untouchable" players Mike Rizzo covets and looks to be worth that label. In his 1st 2 starts the rookie has faced the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs, his numbers aren't good, but his pitching was better then the stats show. Gio has pitched outstanding, Tanner Roark is pitching better in the 2nd half of the season so far and Edwin Jackson has had 2 good starts and 1 sub par start in his return to the Nationals pitching staff. I'm not even gonna mention the call up A.J Cole and his inconsistency.

Harper, Murphy,Scherzer,Strasburg, and
Zimmerman for All Star in Miami 2017
 Looking at Fedde's 2nd start vs Chicago it wasn't anything to brag about, 5.1 innings 8 hits, 4 runs with 7 strikeouts and 4 walks. His location for the most part was excellent but he made some
mistakes that Chicago made him pay for with the long ball and timely hitting. The rookie has 4 pitches and has command of most of them, he just has to work on his replicating his mechanics every pitch to become consistent. The fastball, curveball, change-up, slider combo is the same as Strasburg but not as deadly....yet  Going against these powerful lineups will no doubt help the 24 yr old pitcher down the line and in the playoff push the Nationals hope to go on in September. This team has defense, offense, starting pitching, bullpen and the intangibles that make this team dangerous. The series win in Chicago and season series win 4-3 is a huge statement by the Nats. Last year Chicago handled the Nats pretty easily on their improbable World Series run. This come from behind win was a major statement for the possible playoff matchup in the NLDS.

The Nationals have 10 players on the DL right now and once they get healthy that makes this team that much more dangerous and good. The Dodgers have the best record in the NL and look to take on the wildcard team in the playoffs so this win will definitely give the Nats confidence in that possible match up down the road with the Cubs. This week 8/7/2017 our show will be taking a week off but will be back next week with all your latest news, highlights and sports coverage of all your favorite D.C sports teams. If you want to check out last weeks show when we broke down the historic week the Nats had here's the link here: Stay tuned and look out for more articles about the Redskins, Nationals, Capitals and maybe even the Wizards....someday. Be sure to follow us on IG and twitter @SportOTHP or you can follow me on Twitter and IG or friend request me on Facebook.  As always thanks for the love and support for our show, network and blog. #StayTuned #SportsOTHP #TruRadioNetwork #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics #OurNetworkIsBetterThenYours

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Redskins 3-4 Defense Will Prove It's Effectiveness This Season


  Hail RedskinsNation!!!! Training Camp is here and preseason games right around the corner, so you know it's time for me to start writing about our beloved Redskins. If you want to hear about the Redskins, Nationals, Capitals, Wizards or any of the D.C sports teams be sure to check out Sports On The Hill Podcast on Monday nights starting at 7pm est. We cover all sports every week and give you only the REAL news and not the gossip or rumors. #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics isn't just a catch's what we do. Go check out our social media pages to stay on top of all the latest sports news and highlights or you can check out our website @  You can like our page on Facebook Sports On The Hill Podcast or follow us on Twitter and Instagram is the link from this past Monday's show (RedskinsTalk is about a hour and 5 mins into the show). For years now RedskinsNation has been divided.....not just by the QB debate but 3-4 defense vs 4-3 defense. Being a ex LB and Defensive Coordinator I am a huge fan of the 3-4 and after this season the fan base will be too.
 ICYMI we had our Redskins insider, Bryan "Big Hurt" Carr  of Hurts House on this past week and he gave us things to look for going into training camp,

  The way the NFL is set for high scores, big offensive plays and excitement it also makes it that much more difficult for defenses to play defense. We've seen all the rule changes and ways they set the offense up for success but putting the defenses at a disadvantage. To me ,the 3-4 is the remedy for the offense happy new NFL. The way they protect the QB, allow receivers to gain separation on DBs but any contact initiated by the defender is automatic Pass Interference, and we've all seen when a defender is squared up to make a big hit and the WR ducks or tries to elude the big hit and the defender gets hit with a unnecessary roughness call because the WR tried to avoid the defender....I could go on and on. Now the defenses have to adjust to what the offense does or is doing and try to stop it or atleast slow it down. As we've seen with the vaunted 3-4 Pittsburgh Steelers run, the defense has to make the offense adapt to what the defense is doing. When you change the mindset of a offense you change the whole complexion of the game.

With not knowing who is attacking the gaps or
dropping in coverage the O-line doesn't know until the ball is
snapped, which leads to confusion on blocking
  Redskins fans remember the good ol' days of the 4-3 and the high rankings in the standings, but they seem to forget that those same defenses wilted at the end of games and could not get a stop or turnover at the end of the game to save their lives. Fans and analyst get caught up in stats and rankings but it comes down to the make-up of your defense and matching up or confusing the offense into making a mistake. The 4-3 is more of a bend but don't break defense, you put a man on man and hope your player wins the battle 1 on 1 to force the action. With the 3-4 it's more of a confusion and pressure game. The offense has to figure out who's coming in to blitz or who's dropping in coverage. By doing that it confuses their blocking schemes and timing on plays. As you see in the front 7 alignment they're multiple combinations of defenders that can bring pressure or drop in coverage. With the confusion you get missed assignments which leads to turnovers. Either you get the sack by getting pressure or the QB rushes his throw to avoid pressure and the other defenders are there to capitalize on those mistakes. We witnessed in 2012 the impact of turnovers and how many the defense created the 2012 NFC East Champs when the defense forced 33 turnovers and the team had a NFL best +22 turnover ratio for the season.

Looking at how the team drafted, the defense finally got the attention it deserves after so many offense heavy drafts. Having the 2 studs from Alabama on this new revamped defense will definitely help this inconsistent unit.

  We all know what this team looks like on paper but with the quality additions through the draft and free agency this defense will be much improved from last year. With the hybrid LB/S, that we have on the roster and the more experienced versatile secondary this defense should be able to cause confusion and force turnovers. The front 7 will set the tone for the back end. If the front doesn't get pressure the back end can't make plays, it's as simple as that. With camp just starting and not knowing who the starters are going to be, I can only speculate. The fact that stands out to me is that  the team went out and got younger, stronger, faster and more athletic on defense and now just need to add a playmaker or a playmaker emerges from this talented defense.

As always I'd like to thank my readers, listeners, contributors, and fans for all the love and support. I've been writing for 5 seasons now and been on the air a little over a year and a half, without your love and support we wouldn't be possible. Be sure to check out show Sports On The Hill Podcast Monday nights at 7pm est. You can call in and listen or ask any sports questions or make comments @347.884.9299 or go like our page and get the link to stream the show live on Monday's or listen at your convenience. You can follow me personally on Facebook @ Carroll Porter III or follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio/Carroll Porter or follow me on IG @icarrollporter. Stay tuned for more articles and sports content soon. Will be some changes coming to this blog soon so be on the lookout. #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics #SportsOTHP #OurNetworkIsBetterThenYours #TruRadioNetwork