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The Redskins 3-4 Defense Will Prove It's Effectiveness This Season

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  Hail RedskinsNation!!!! Training Camp is here and preseason games right around the corner, so you know it's time for me to start writing about our beloved Redskins. If you want to hear about the Redskins, Nationals, Capitals, Wizards or any of the D.C sports teams be sure to check out Sports On The Hill Podcast on Monday nights starting at 7pm est. We cover all sports every week and give you only the REAL news and not the gossip or rumors. #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics isn't just a catch phrase....it's what we do. Go check out our social media pages to stay on top of all the latest sports news and highlights or you can check out our website @ www.webngames.com  You can like our page on Facebook Sports On The Hill Podcast or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SportsOTHPbit.ly/SportsOTHP63 is the link from this past Monday's show (RedskinsTalk is about a hour and 5 mins into the show). For years now RedskinsNation has been divided.....not just by the QB debate but 3-4 defense vs 4-3 defense. Being a ex LB and Defensive Coordinator I am a huge fan of the 3-4 and after this season the fan base will be too.
 ICYMI we had our Redskins insider, Bryan "Big Hurt" Carr  of Hurts House on this past week and he gave us things to look for going into training camp,

  The way the NFL is set for high scores, big offensive plays and excitement it also makes it that much more difficult for defenses to play defense. We've seen all the rule changes and ways they set the offense up for success but putting the defenses at a disadvantage. To me ,the 3-4 is the remedy for the offense happy new NFL. The way they protect the QB, allow receivers to gain separation on DBs but any contact initiated by the defender is automatic Pass Interference, and we've all seen when a defender is squared up to make a big hit and the WR ducks or tries to elude the big hit and the defender gets hit with a unnecessary roughness call because the WR tried to avoid the defender....I could go on and on. Now the defenses have to adjust to what the offense does or is doing and try to stop it or atleast slow it down. As we've seen with the vaunted 3-4 Pittsburgh Steelers run, the defense has to make the offense adapt to what the defense is doing. When you change the mindset of a offense you change the whole complexion of the game.

With not knowing who is attacking the gaps or
dropping in coverage the O-line doesn't know until the ball is
snapped, which leads to confusion on blocking
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  Redskins fans remember the good ol' days of the 4-3 and the high rankings in the standings, but they seem to forget that those same defenses wilted at the end of games and could not get a stop or turnover at the end of the game to save their lives. Fans and analyst get caught up in stats and rankings but it comes down to the make-up of your defense and matching up or confusing the offense into making a mistake. The 4-3 is more of a bend but don't break defense, you put a man on man and hope your player wins the battle 1 on 1 to force the action. With the 3-4 it's more of a confusion and pressure game. The offense has to figure out who's coming in to blitz or who's dropping in coverage. By doing that it confuses their blocking schemes and timing on plays. As you see in the front 7 alignment they're multiple combinations of defenders that can bring pressure or drop in coverage. With the confusion you get missed assignments which leads to turnovers. Either you get the sack by getting pressure or the QB rushes his throw to avoid pressure and the other defenders are there to capitalize on those mistakes. We witnessed in 2012 the impact of turnovers and how many the defense created the 2012 NFC East Champs when the defense forced 33 turnovers and the team had a NFL best +22 turnover ratio for the season.

Looking at how the team drafted, the defense finally got the attention it deserves after so many offense heavy drafts. Having the 2 studs from Alabama on this new revamped defense will definitely help this inconsistent unit.
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  We all know what this team looks like on paper but with the quality additions through the draft and free agency this defense will be much improved from last year. With the hybrid LB/S, that we have on the roster and the more experienced versatile secondary this defense should be able to cause confusion and force turnovers. The front 7 will set the tone for the back end. If the front doesn't get pressure the back end can't make plays, it's as simple as that. With camp just starting and not knowing who the starters are going to be, I can only speculate. The fact that stands out to me is that  the team went out and got younger, stronger, faster and more athletic on defense and now just need to add a playmaker or a playmaker emerges from this talented defense.

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