Sunday, September 10, 2017

Quick takes from the Redskins Vs Eagles game

Kirk Cousins and Jay Gruden have a lot of questions to answer about this offense after this inconsistent start to the season.

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 Hail RedskinsNation!!!! Unfortunately the Redskins(0-1) had a chance to break the streak but now they're 0-4 under Jay Gruden in season openers. Losing the first game, a divisional game at that isn't good but it's what we are used to out of this team and coaching staff. I still have to wonder why Jay Gruden, who was a WR/RB screen junkie in his first two seasons now is so reluctant to use them. The few times he called a WR/RB screen it gained yards but he would only call them in the first half when the offense put up 10 points and not in the second half and the offense put up 0. Kirk Cousins
Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan made their presence felt.
looked scared and uncertain in the first half and did start to look more comfortable as the game went on. Kirk finally mentioned his ball placement in his post game presser but he has to do more then talk about improving it and make it happen. The Eagles were using a 8 man front which was meant to stop the run and frustrate Jay who they know loves any excuse to stop running the ball. I was hoping that Jay would do more to maintain balance in the play calling but 40 passes vs 17 rushes (3 by Kirk) is ridiculous and should only be that lopsided in a blowout when your trying to come back. Terrell Pryor took full blame for the drops but when the ball is behind you, late, and/or high is hard to know where or when the ball is coming. The defense played well but did have some lapses and missed opportunities. Preston Smith got the first sack of the season. Bashaud Breeland played well and had a chance for 2 INTs but didn't get them but the play didn't get completed either. The defense had 2 sacks but should've had probably 3 more, they forced 2 turnovers but should've had 2 more. For the first week of the season they played well enough to win but couldn't get that timely stop that the team needed. The special teams I thought would help this team win this game but they actually hurt this team. Jamison Crowder's muffed punt after the defense made a impressive 3 and out and it swung the momentum back in Philadelphia's favor.
 This coaching staff, namely Jay Gruden needs to do a ego check and start running the plays that are effective and not the one's he thinks should/could work. The fact that he repeatedly stayed in the 3 WR set for most of the game and played right into Philly's defensive coordinators hands. They constantly put pressure on Kirk and dropping the 8th man down. The screen game came up big today but he went away from it. The lack of balance on offense helps the other team more then folks realize. The time of possession is effected by that also and the eagles had a 9 min advantage in that category too. That's where running the ball or at least using the screen game helps because the clock keeps running when u call those plays. Incomplete passes stops the clock and leads to 3 and outs which wears down the defense. Chris Thompson got a contract extension earlier this week and he showed how he felt about it on the impressive 29 yard catch and run for the offenses first TD of the season. Kirk led him perfectly on the play and was able to catch the ball in stride. Thompson did the rest showing his athletic ability, balance and determination (you can check out the video via youtube above) on that play.

 Final thoughts on this game is that it was a winnable game but in order for this team to win, all three phases of the team has to be clicking at the same time and be on the same page. Next week they face the L.A Rams with the familiar Sean McVay as the head coach and is very familiar with Jay, his play calling and this team. Gonna be a tough game but it's a victory that's needed with the AFC West coming up in back to back weeks.
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