Monday, October 30, 2017

Quick Takes from the Redskins Vs Cowboys game

This week special teams wasn't special at all. Now Kirk did take a bad sack to push the kick back further but the block was the momentum swing that the Cowboys needed to take control of the game.

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 Hail RedskinsNation!!!! Unfortunately it's another loss of a winnable game by the Redskins. It was a ugly night on the field, not only the product on the field but the weather that played a factor in this game. This 33-19 loss by the Redskins hurt on many levels, now they are 0-3 in the division and 3-4 going into week 9 with a road game in Seattle. The last two weeks have been glaring examples of Jay Gruden's lack of an effective game plan, ability to adjust on the fly and knowing that having a inexperienced offensive line that running is key to winning the game. Once again the run:pass ratio of 39 passes to 15 rushes is totally unacceptable, last week it was 40 passes to 18 rushes. Trust me I know everyone is screaming that the running backs aren't getting the job done. How can they get the job done if they don't get any touches to get a rhythm to get going and allow the O-line to push off and block downhill. For those that may not know what that means, basically run blocking allows the o-linemen to push off and gain leverage and control the line of scrimmage. In pass blocking the linemen automatically have to take a step back and stand up to go into pass blocking stance, so they're not using their size and strength to their advantage. The backups played well for the first 2 and a half quarters but the play calling definitely played a key role in this outcome. The fact that the rookie Samarje Perine was active but got no touches and had the TE Jeremy Sprinkle inactive and they lose two TE's to injury in this game. Same thing happened with Mack Brown(recent cut) last week, he was active and got no touches yet Jay had 3 linemen inactive for the game and the injury bug hit that unit. These are things you take into account when game planning.
Jamison Crowder is one of the keys
to the offense being consistent.

 Now I mentioned Kirk and his bad decision to take a sack instead of throwing the ball away that preceded the momentum changing fg block. I'm not sure what is going on with Kirk and his decision making lately....but it hasn't been his best. He's back to throwing high and behind receivers plus not hitting them in stride. There were a few throws that were behind that cost the team yards after the catch and some 3rd downs. Now the fact the him and Jamison Crowder found some chemistry was a good sign for the offense. Crowder had about half of Kirk's throwing yards, 9 catches for 123 yards was the spark the offense needed to get some type of rhythm. Chris Thompson is having a break out season but I've stated over the last few weeks that Jay is overusing him and teams are looking to tee off on him knowing his injury history. Josh Doctson had another almost outstanding catch in the game but had a huge TD reception to put the game back in reach for a possible comeback to force OT. Terrell Pryor wasn't on the field for a lot of snaps and I don't know how  they expect him to develop on the bench and with Jay calling plays for no rhyme or reason. Mix up the play calls, use misdirection and use some different wrinkles for these formations that are becoming so predictable.

  Between the injury bug, Jay's play calling, rookies making mistakes and refs missing holding calls....this defense does't stand a chance to succeed. Now the defense didn't execute in key situations, allowed plenty of turnover opportunities to slip through their hands, and didn't get enough pressure consistently but did keep the team in the game for the whole game. Holding the potent Cowboys offense to 4 FG's, 3 of those in the red zone shows that they were playing well but just couldn't make a momentum swinging play like the FG block. The groin injury to Ryan Kerrigan slowed him and the defense along with the hand injury to Matt Ioannidis who has been having a hell of a season at the DT position. I know "Next Man Up" is a old and overused cliche' but it's the truth and proven. You're only as good as your depth, the Redskins depth is being tested big time at this point in the season. With a road game in Seattle next week and having to take that long cross country flight is going to determine who can play and who can't. Getting and staying healthy is going to be key down the stretch if this team is going to make the playoffs as a wild card. Zach Brown had another monster game with 12 tackles and 8 of those solo and D.J Swearinger was next with 7 tackles and 5 of them solo. The defense has been flying to the ball and tackling for the most part this season, the defense will have their hands full with Russell Wilson and the potent, diverse Seattle offense. Check out my Post game Hot takes from the Dallas game and going forward for this team below:

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