Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Quick Takes from the Redskins Vs Eagles game

Jay Gruden once again gets out coached in every way imaginable and the Redskins take the loss. I'm tired of wondering why Gruden refuses to adapt his play calling to suit his team and not the other way around.
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  Hail RedskinsNation!!! The team is 0-2 in attempts in 2017 at #VictoryTuesday and Kirk Cousins is 0-6 on MNF as a starter. The Redskins took a ugly 34-24 loss on the road in Philadelphia to the (6-1) Eagles. This was a winnable game played by this team but the little things and some big things hurt
This has been a common theme of the Redskins defense, the
opposing O-linemen get to hold, hook and grab jersey without
getting a penalty called.
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this team and cost them a victory. Now I'm just gonna get the refs out the way....I don't know how clearer can Ryan Kerrigan be held by the offensive lineman and it not get called, the phantom pass interference call on Dunbar in the end zone that should've been a no call, and not even gonna talk about the dirty hit on Brandon Schreff in the first half that the refs missed and later after another Philadelphia defender went low and hit his knee putting him out of the game. I'll repeat, I will never blame the refs for a loss but they do have a profound impact on the game and the final score. These refs have to get more consistent with their calls and enforce the calls when they see them. I said before the game started that Jay's play calling and the health of the defense as a whole would determine this game, and those were key factors in the outcome of this game. Jay's play calling leaves a lot to be desired and has me wondering....WTF was he thinking. On two separate occasions with the team trailing and trying to retake the momentum Jay decides in all his wisdom to throw the ball instead of running it. On a 3rd and 2 in a similar situation he doesn't learn from his previous mistake, he doubles down and goes shotgun just letting the defense know it was gonna be a pass...y'all know what happened next. I always talk about pass:run ratio and in this game is was 40 passes to 18 rushes, which is a recipe for disaster. The screen game was working for the most part until it became predictable once again.  The last nail in Jay's coffin for this game is him not using Mack Brown on the offense in any capacity but sitting three offensive lineman, lineman that could have helped the team win.It's little things like that that makes the difference between winning and losing. Also Chris Thompson is not a RB you constantly run up the gut in the heart of the defense and if you  noticed every time he got the ball the Philly defenders were teeing off on him trying to put him out of the game and stall the limited offense.

 There were some good things to take from this game but they're no moral victories in the NFL, the defense played well early in the game but once again the lack of adjustments and bad play calling cost this team a critical victory before a tough stretch. Constant pressure from the defensive line and 3 sacks to show for it but they couldn't get the crucial play to turn the games momentum. The injury bug has taken it's toll on this team especially for the defense.
The defense has been the most consistent unit on this team this season....
who'd of thunk it.....I also said to line up Kerrigan somewhere besides
over the RT....I believe I did.
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Josh Norman should be active for the Cowboys game on Sunday, hopefully Brandon Schreff, Morgan Moses and Trent Williams will be healthy enough to get the start and be effective. The offense has become predictable in the sense of not sticking with the run and becoming one dimensional which makes it so much easier for a defense and a defensive coordinator to stop. The game of football is more then just folks lining up on a field and hitting each other, it's a strategy is a key element and has to be explored by Gruden. He calls plays with no rhyme or reason, no purpose or to set something up for later on in the game....kind of like teams do to the Redskins. That's where coaching comes in and obviously Jays's coaching maturation has taken a break or he hasn't hit his growth spurt yet. I truly would like to see Bill Callahan get the play calling duties, he's a old school coach that will run the ball, maintain balance and use the 3 TE set to perfection. He's a time of possession type coach and would help this team find a true identity, but that's just a hope and a dream I'm afraid it wont ever happen. It's time for Gruden to step up the same way folks expect the players to step up, I understand some fans are frustrated and want Jay gone but my question is.....replace him with who??? Then are the fans prepared for rebuilding the team and roster again with these young talented players we have then when they become free agents after their rookie contracts are up they are gonna roll because they'll be tired of the rebuilding mode and want to win and get a nice payday.

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  We all know what week it is now....it's Dallas (3-3) week and with the combination of the injuries, the bad coaching, execution and play calling it's going to take a major turnaround from what I saw on MNF. This is a winnable game in my eyes but it comes down to Jay having a successful game plan, adjusting on the fly, sticking to the run, who's healthy on defense/offense and being more creative with his run plays. The defense will have their hands full trying to stop the run, Dak Prescott, and Dez Bryant but I feel this team has the talent to do it but do they have the coaching. That's going to be the question every week for the rest of this season and possibly the rest of Jay's coaching career. In case you missed my Post Game Hot Takes after the game last night here's the video below. Let me know your thoughts about my observations and insights.

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