Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Quick Takes from the Redskins Vs Chiefs game

The Redskins defense came out ready, hungry and hitting hard but the combination of injuries, penalties, some missed calls by the refs and Jay's lack of adjustments cost this team a possible 3-1 start to the 2017 season.
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 Hail RedskinsNation!!! It looked like it would be the first #VictoryTuesday of the season but unfortunately by time the clock read 0:00 the Redskins were 2-2 instead of 3-1 going into the bye week. This was one of the most frustrating games I've watched in years. The 1st quarter was exactly the way the Redskins wanted to start and finish the game. With a 10-0 lead going into the 2nd quarter it looked as if the Redskins were ready to handle their business and get a win on the road on MNF. I mentioned in my pregame and halftime Hot Takes that I was concerned about the coaching match up of Andy Reid Vs Jay Gruden and that was the determining factor in this outcome. Andy made adjustments in the 2nd quarter and Jay didn't/couldn't and it showed. The T.O.P told the story, over 10 mins in the 1st quarter and less then 5 in the second, that along with
the injuries on defense and some questionable calls by the refs it was only a matter of time until the potent Chiefs offense would come alive and take control. Now I never blame the refs for a loss but they do have a major impact on the outcome of the game and I feel this was the case in this game. Jay's lack of changing up his game plan on the fly really did this team in once Andy made his adjustments. Jay played right into the hands of Coach Reid and it was sad to watch. My major questions for Jay is why there weren't any screen plays to the RB's or WR's, why didn't he use the 3
There were some bright spots on offense but they were few
and far between.
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TE formation more when the Chiefs offense started taking control of the game, and why didn't he activate Mack Brown and give Rob Kelley more time to heal. Once Kelley went out due to injury the running game and offense started stalling out which aided the defense getting worn down along with the injuries. The rookie Samarje Perine did a decent job but some of runs were tentative, he missed some cutback lanes and was pressing the hole too soon and wasn't allowing the holes to open before he went through them. Mack Brown's bowling ball style of running could've helped the offense stay balanced, consistent and effective. Jay has to make wiser coaching decisions if this team is gonna be successful.
 The fact that Jamison Crowder had no impact
in this game says a lot. He is an important piece to the offense.
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  The 3 TE formation has been the most effective set so far this season but for some reason Jay was reluctant to use it more especially seeing how effective it was against the Redskins defense. I saw Jordan Reed on the sidelines too often last night, even if he wasn't 100%. His presence on the field is huge when it comes to causing match up problems for the defense. The offense had no consistency after the 1st quarter, granted injuries played a key role but Jay's gameplan played a major role also. The lack of creativity on offense and playcalling showed on the big stage especially with Andy Reid pulling out all types of misdirection and quick passess in his offense. The 3 WR set has been effective but not consistent, Terelle Pryor had a great TD catch for his 1st Td as a Redskin but he did have a huge drop on a 3rd down play that could've extended a drive. Jamison Crowder was a non factor on offense, which is never a good sign for this offense. Crowder is one of Kirk's reliable targets and helps keep the chains moving with his quickness and elusiveness, he excels in open space yet Jay didn't call any screens to get the play makers in space to make plays. Kansas City's defense is very aggressive and screens help use the defenses's aggressive nature against them. It worked beautifully for the Chiefs in this game and it amazes me that Jay didn't give them a taste of their own medicine.
Gotta address the defense not being able to make a play when needed late in the game. In the second half their were a few 50/50 plays to be made and unfortunately the defense couldn't come up with them. Granted the injuries to key players at key times in the game did play a role also. The depth was tested last night and the team played well just not well enough to win. The bye week is early but seems to be coming at the right time for the team with all of the nagging injuries from the first four
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weeks of the season. Jay needs to make some adjustments coming out of the bye week in order to get this team back to it's wining ways. Ryan Kerrigan had a rare quiet game in his 100th game as a pro, but the RT was coming out of stance a beat early every snap but was never called for one false start. Preston Smith did get his 4th sack in four games but was flagged for a neutral zone infraction on a crucial 3rd down goal line play and clearly in the replay u can see he was onside and the Chiefs were in a illegal formation that didn't get called on that same play. As I've said over and over, I wont blame the refs but they certainly didn't do their jobs effectively in my opinion. Going into the bye at 2-2 is what I predicted but 3-1 would've been so much sweeter and a confidence boost for the team . With two weeks to get ready for the SF 49ers, the Redskins should come out with something to prove and should have the mentality of running up the score on a lesser opponent.
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