Monday, October 16, 2017

Quick Takes from the Redskins Vs San Francisco 49ers Game

I called this a trap game and between the refs blowing calls and Jay Gruden making boneheaded coaching almost was. The defense was effective most of the game but took another hit on the injury front. Samarje Perine got his 1st TD as a Redskin on a nice  3 yard catch out of the backfield

  Hail RedskinsNation!!!!! Looks like another #VictoryMonday after a 26-24 slim victory over the San Francisco 49ers at FedEx Field. I like the quote of Preston Smith " would rather a ugly win then a pretty loss". I agree 100%  but this game was too close for comfort even though the 49ers (0-6) have been playing close games but have came up a little short all season so far. Kirk played well despite missing some open receivers in the 1st half . Jay did run the ball 33 times for only 94 yards with Chris Thompson getting 16 carries for 33 yards. I've stated before  I dont like Chris
Here's one of three sacks the defense had on the day, Preston
Smith had .5 a sack and Matt Ioannidis had a career high 1.5
sacks on the day. 
Thompson getting more then 10/15 touches a game running the ball and limit amount of up the gut runs. I don't know if people remember but he came out of FSU after having technically breaking his back, the team needs him all season and as healthy as possible for the offense to be successful. Along with the Fade route in the red zone....the toss sweep needs to be done away with from the playbook entirely, it's rarely successful and majority of the time it losses yards or leads to a turnover. The screen game is more effective and we saw that this game how much of a factor it played in this victory. The fact that Mack Brown was active for the game but only got 2 carries for 2 yards and 1 catch for 11 yards in limited duty really is a head scratcher. I don't know why Mack is in Jay Gruden's dog house but he needs to let him out soon and get in the backfield for some carries. We've seen players like Preston Smith being stuck in his dog house but now that he's out he's averaging half a sack a game so far the season and showing why he deserves to be on the field. I'm not gonna only talk about the no so good things from the game but they're some glaring issues on this team with injuries being the least of them which is saying a lot.

Chris Thompson has made a huge impact in all the wins this
season. With 105 yards receiving in this game, he shows
he can be a game breaker when ever he gets in the game and
used effectively.
  The defense has taken major strides despite the injuries and the infusion of youth. Ryan Kerrigan made a impact with a nice sack and constant pressure all day. Zach Brown is a tackling machine and is proving to be one of the best acquisitions of the off season. Matt Ioannidis has proven me wrong and playing better then I ever expected, Stacy McGee had his most impact of the season also in this game. Quinton Dunbar and Kendall Fuller have stepped up huge with all the injuries in the secondary. Bashaund Breeland went out in the 3rd quarter and already missing Josh Norman they really stepped up and answered the call this game. Rookie Fabian Moreau also played well coming in when the injury bug struck over and over in this game. The offense had it's moments in this game but once again consistency is a issue and that has to change. I labeled this as a possible trap game and it almost was but the team found a way to win despite the injuries, missed calls and bad coaching. Jay has to get his coaching and adjustments together, this schedule is getting tougher and the team has to be more consistent in every aspect of the game. Special teams coverage was solid but Dustin Hopkins missed a extra point which could've ended badly for the team but the defense bailed him out....this time. He has to get his act together or they will be some kicker tryouts in Ashburn in the coming weeks but his kickoffs have been consistently going for touch backs which is always a good thing. Tress Way killed it as usual with a 45.1 net avg and a long of 51 yards. The return game has taken a step back and need to have a positive impact at some point this season. Check out my Pregame Hot Takes from this game below. I go FBLive for Pregame, Half Time and Post Game Hot Takes so tune in and give your thoughts, opinions and feedback on the team we all know and love. You can go friend request me @ Carroll Porter III or follow thr SportsOTHP page. #HTTR4LYFE 

  Next week the Redskins have a rematch from week 1 vs the Eagles (5-1) who lead the division and it's a road game on Monday Night Football that can help this 2nd place team move one step closer to taking over 1st place and making a run at a division title and playoff berth.  After this MNF game the schedule gets tougher with Dallas, Seattle and Minnesota which all have quality offenses and formidable defenses. This is the time for the team to gain momentum, chemistry and find their own true identity and that will tell us what this team is truly made of and how far they have come and will go. #CPIII #TattooedScorpio #SportsOTHP #SportsOTHPApparel #TruRadioNetwork
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