Sunday, November 19, 2017

Quick Takes from the Redskins Vs Saints game

Kirk Cousins had a good game with some untimely miscues, Jay Gruden for the most part called a pretty good game but folded during crunch time with bad decisions late in this latest and most frustrating loss.

Despite the rookie Samarje Perine having his best game
as a pro with 23 carries 117 yards and a TD, Jay stopped
feeding him in the 3rd quarter and crunchtime.
Hail RedskinsNation!!! Last week I took off for my 40th birthday and appreciate all the post, texts, emails and love. It was truly appreciated. Now back to Week 11 and this frustrating yet predictable loss....that is with Jay Gruden coaching this game. Now I've had some fans tell me it's the defenses fault for the loss but I can not agree. Yes, they gave up a 15 point lead with less then 4 mins left in the game but why did New Orleans have that chance. Jay decided to keep passing when all he had to do is keep feeding the rookie, mix in a screen and some play action here and there. What does Jay do, pass pass pass which led to the Saints getting the ball back with their offense in a rhythm and the crowd in the game. After the Saints tie the game up with a little over a minute left the Redskins had a chance to still win the game. Kirk Cousins and Jamison Crowder hooked up on 3 passes in a row that put the Redskins at the 34 with 31 sec left, no timeouts and poised to win. Instead of running the ball to the middle of the field then spike the ball and allow the K to earn his paycheck to win the game. Instead Jay opts to continue to throw the ball and unfortunately Crowder and Cousins weren't on the same page which led to a intentional grounding with the Saints defense getting pressure. The next play instead of calling a screen or a draw to at least try to use the defenses aggressiveness against them, he doubles down and calls a 5 step drop in which Kirk gets drilled from the blindside and losing the ball ending regulation. Now I can sit here and blame Jay over and over but I started the #BillCallahanForOC hashtag for a reason and this game is another reason why. Jay Gruden actually called a pretty good game....for the most part. There were a few bone headed choices he made which I will never understand but the fact that he stuck with the run.....for the most part, mixed up his plays, actually set up some of his adjustments in the first half and allowed the rookie Samarje Perine to get going despite going away from him in the 3rd and crunch time for some reason. Now time to talk about the good, even though most fans don't think there was any good in a loss. One of the bright spots was this 40 yard TD by Ryan Grant. Kirk Cousins stood in there, took the hit and delivered to a wide open Grant.

Josh Doctson is gaining confidence and chemistry with Kirk.
Just wonder why Jay went away from him in the second half.

  The play above was one of the many times Kirk stood tall and made the necessary play even though he was gonna get hit. That worked in the Redskins favor a few times with some roughing the passer calls that I was happy the referees made the call on. I mentioned after the game changing play Josh Doctson made Vs Seattle would help Kirk gain confidence in him and in the past few weeks you can clearly see it has. He's made some impressive leaping catches since then, Josh had 4 catches for 81 yards at half and for some reason Josh ended the game with 4 catches 81 yards. Kirk has built a great chemistry with Vernon Davis, Jamison Crowder is regaining his chemistry with Kirk (even though he needs to have more patience with the ball in his hands), and even the rookie TE Jeremy Sprinkle got his 1st TD and catch in this game. I didn't want to bring up the Chris Thompson injury but he is on the IR with a broken fibula. His absence is gonna be felt on the stat sheet, blitz pick up and getting those crucial third downs going forward for this offense. You know I have to touch on how effective the defense was against one of the leagues top offense. The fact the team was up 15 points and holding the Saints to only 16 points with less then 4 minutes in the game, they had to do something right. They forced a turnover, got pressure on Brees for most of the afternoon but couldn't get the big stop when needed. Kendall Fuller had a INT called back because of a incidental hands to the face. Now I don't have a issue with the call, I just want it to be made consistently. In the first half Josh Doctson was bumped and held going for a TD but no call....if you gonna call it at crunch time call it all game. D.J Swearinger is showing his ball hawking skills with another INT (3rd in 2 games) and the chess match he had going with Drew Brees at the line of scrimmage was epic to watch. I have to mention the special teams getting a crucial 4th and 1 on a punt fake deep in their own territory with Niles Paul getting a direct snap for the 1st down. Wonder why Jay didn't run a direct hand off to Niles on that 3rd and 1 call?? Hindsight is 20/20 but this was a winnable game. I've said, typed, tweeted and posted that a good coach puts you over the top and bad coach holds you back. In some aspects Jay is holding this team back. With a quick turn around with a game Vs the Giants on Thanksgiving after they upset the KC Chiefs will be a uphill battle. The Redskins always have a hard time with the Giants no matter what their record is. The Redskins are 4-6 with winnable games on the schedule, can the team put together some consistency and string together a winning streak...we can only wait and see. Here's my Postgame Hot Takes with my co host Robbie Gross. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel for all the highlights along with insights into my world. As always #HTTR

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