Monday, November 6, 2017

Quick Takes from the Redskins Vs Seattle game

The underrated Redskins defense dictated the game, made plays and executed with back ups and a healthy, rejuvenated DeAngelo Hall. The win goes on the shoulders of Greg Manusky and the defense even thought Jay is gonna get the credit.

Kirk Cousins managed the game and the inconsistent
offense to a much needed victory.
  Hail RedskinsNation!!! It's a improbable #VictoryMonday and I'm happy being one of the naysayers, thinking the team wouldn't win this game on the road. The Redskins went on the road to one of the toughest places to play in the NFL, against one of the best QB's at home, Russell Wilson and against the "Legion Of Boom" minus a few pieces. I stated to a couple of fans that if Jay Gruden pulled this off I'd give him a break.....I can't keep that promise. His two successful offensive drives and a standout performance by the defense were enough luckily to prevail in a 17-14 battle of week 9. Jay's play calling was predictable, had no imagination, had no rhyme or reason why he was calling the plays he was calling, as usual his reluctance to stick with the run and his lack of imagination to help the run game produce. The balance was definitely better with 31 passes and 23 rushes, still not where I would like it but it produced a win so not gonna rain on the victory parade, so to speak. The lack of adjustments almost cost us again but I feel the team won despite Gruden's play calling and lack of coaching I.Q. Okay, enough about Jay, Kirk managed the game well but for the third week in a row took some bad sacks when he had a chance to
Vernon Davis proves his value week
in and week out.
throw it away. We saw last week on the play before the infamous FG block and how it cost the team. He wants to be labeled a franchise QB, well a franchise QB doesn't constantly make that mistake. Other then that Kirk had a good game, some better game planning and play calling this wouldn't have been a game that shouldn't have had to come down to a Hail Mary at the end. The rookie Samarje Perine looked good and decisive in his runs until he mishandled the hand off that led to the lone turnover of the game.....for the Redskins that is. Vernon Davis has been a godsend for this team and I have no problem admitting I didn't like the signing originally but glad I was wrong. He finds a way to get open and take some of the pressure off the young WR's and Kirk. Also have to give credit to Ryan Grant for making some tough catches to move the chains and Josh Doctson's game changing catch in crunch time to save the game and set up Robert Kelley for his 2nd TD of the day. We've seen Josh almost make the BIG catch but it was great to see him make a play in crunch time, in a hostile environment with everything on that catch. Now maybe Kirk can build more confidence in Doctson and help him show why he was drafted in the 1st round. Check out the catch below:

Kendall fuller is proving to be a steal as a 4th round pick due
 to a injury late in his college career but is surely paying off
big for the Redskins.
  Now let's get to my favorite....the defense!!! I've said over and over this defense would be a top 15 unit maybe even a top 10 unit if they stayed healthy. Well they haven't stayed healthy but the "Next Man Up" mentality of this team shines through every week. I've mentioned Kendall Fuller and his play in the slot and making plays for the defense. He definitely gets props for his play and nice int early in the game. Junior Gallette has made a impact for the defense even if you can't see it on the stat sheet. Zach Brown is no doubt the best signing of the off season. He led the team once again with 11 tackles, 8 solo, and 1 tackle for loss and a sack, Will Compton also has to be mentioned. His int was a beautiful play by both ILB's. Brown's pursuit of Wilson and Compton making the play after a errand throw. The healthy return of DeAngelo Hall I believe gave this defense a mental boost and a physical edge in this game. This was a will game and the Redskins willed themselves to win this tough game and avoid a 3 game losing streak with a tough Minnesota team coming to town next week. Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan have become a dynamic duo on the
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outside and Brown and Compton have helped solidify the LB corp as a whole. Kerrigan is playing through a shoulder injury and other nagging injuries, Preston has been getting chipped by the running back on most pass plays to try to slow the pass rush. We even saw the Seahawks start using the zone read more and more to make the LB's slow down their pursuit and give the Seattle offense a chance to make a play. D.J Swearinger and D. Hall as safeties has me breathing a little easier with their veteran presence and leadership. I have to mention that great tackle by Josh Norman on the Thomas Rawls on that crucial 3rd down play where it clearly showed Josh's wanted to make that tackle.The healthier this team gets the more dangerous they are gonna be. As long as jay gets his act together and starts calling a better game this team will not be able to get over the hump and win tough games like this. The Vikings are gonna be another tough test for this team and we all know these match ups always come down the final quarter or possession. Should be another solid defensive battle that hopefully the Redskins come out on top and start a two game winning streak with the HOT New Orleans Saints next up after the Vikings. Check out my PostGame Hot Takes from week 9.

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